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Ab Imo Pectore - 'The Dissociative Path' 
Abacinate - 'Genesis' 
Abaddon Incarnate - 'Promo'
Abazagorath - 'Abazagorath'
Abhor - 'Ab Luna Lucenti, Ab Noctua Protecti'
Abigor - 'Supreme And Immortal Is The Art Of The Devil'
Abominant - 'Where Demons Dwell' 
Abrasive - 'The Birth...Born In Sodom' 
Acid Witch - 'Stoned' 
Acid Witch - 'Witchtanic Hellucinations'
Acrimonious - 'Sunyata'
The Advent Equation - 'Limitless Life Reflections'  
Aenaon - 'Cendres et Sang'
Agony Lords - 'A Tomb For The Haunted' 
Alastor - 'Demon Attack' 
Algaion - 'Exthros' 
Alghazanth - 'Vinus Intum'
Altar Of Oblivion - 'Grand Gesture Of Defiance'
Amnis Nihili - 'Christological Escalation' 
Ancestors Blood - 'When The Forest Calls' 
Ancient Ascendant - 'Into The Dark'
Archgoat - 'Heavenly Vulva (Christ's Last Rites)' 
Arctic Flame - 'Guardian At The Gate' 
Arkhamin Kirjasto - 'Torches Ablaze'
Artizan - 'Curse Of The Artizan' 
At Vance - 'Facing Your Enemy'  
Atriarch - 'Forever The End' 
Ave Maria - 'Chapter One' 
Avenger - 'Bohemian Dark Metal' 
Ayat - 'Six Years Of Dormant Hatred' 
Azaghal - 'Nemesis'

Bahimiron - 'Rebel Hymns Of The Left Handed Terror'
Balfor - 'Barbaric Blood' 
Bane - 'The Acausal Fire' 
Beherit - 'At The Devil's Studio 1990'
Behexen - 'Nightside Emanations'
Black Crow King - 'To Pay The Debt Of Nature' 
Black Crucifixion - 'Hope Of Retaliation'
 Black Crucifixion - 'The Fallen One Of Flames / Satanic Zeitgeist'
Black Hammer - 'The Horror'
Black Hawk - 'Straight To Hell' 
Black Hole Of Calcutta -'S/T #2' 
Black Jesus - 'Black Jesus Saves'
Black Oath - 'The Third Aeon' 
Black Witchery - 'Inferno Of Sacred Destruction' 
Blackened Wisdom - 'The Angels Are Crying'
Blaspherian - 'Infernal Warriors Of Death' 
Blaze - 'Blaze'
Bleeding Fist - 'Devil's Ferox' 
Bloodbound - 'Unholy Cross' 
Bloody Hammers - 'Bloody Hammers'
Blut Aus Nord - 'The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion' 
Blutmond - 'The Revolution Is Dead!'
Bongripper - 'Sex Tape / Snuff Film' 
Borgne - 'Royaume des Ombres' 
Brume d'Automne - 'Brume d'Automne'
Brutally Deceased - 'Dead Lovers' Guide' 
Byfrost - 'Of Death' 

Caliber 666 - 'Blood Fueled Chaos' 
Cardiac Arrest - 'Haven For The Insane' 
Cardiac Arrest - 'Vortex Of Violence'
Carnal - 'Curse This Day'  
Cauldron Black Ram - 'The Poisoner'
Celtachor - 'In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers'  
Centurion - 'Serve No One' 
Ceremonial Perfection - 'Alone In The End' 
Chaos Inception - 'The Abrogation' 
Chapel Of Disease - 'Summoning Black Disease'
Children Of Technology - 'It's Time To Face The Doomsday' 
Children Of Technology - 'Mayhemic Speed Anarchy'
Church Of Misery - 'Minstrel Of Mourning'
Cianide - 'Gods Of Death' 
Cianide - 'The Dying Truth'
Claymore - 'Prolonged Active Antagonism'
Coldsteel - 'America Idle'
Convent Guilt - 'Convent Guilt'
Coprostasis - '35 Minutes Of Skull Smash Terror Metal' 
Coprostasis - 'Dirthy Exterminating Arrogant Turbo Holocaust'
Corpus Mortale - 'FleshCraft'
Corrosive Carcass - 'Composition Of Flesh' 
Corsair - 'Corsair'
Council Of Tanith - 'The Wrath Of God' 
Count Raven - 'Mammon's War' 
CounterIgnition - 'Spit Or Swallow' 
Coven - 'Worship New Gods'
The Crevices Below - 'Below The Crevices' 
Crimson Valley - 'Crossing The Sky' 
Crowned - 'Vacuous Spectral Silence'
Cruachan - 'Blood On The Black Robe'
Crucified Mortals - 'Crucified Mortals'
Cryptopsy - 'Cryptopsy'
Cultes Des Ghoules - 'Haxan' 
Cultfinder - 'Black Thrashing Terror'
Cuntscrape - 'Papsmear Campaign' 
Cupola - 'Mistaken By Design' 

Daemonicus - 'Deadwork' 
Dark At Dawn - 'Noneternal'
Dawn Of Winter - 'The Skull Of The Sorcerer'
Dead - 'Hardnaked...But Dead!'
Dead River Runs Dry - 'Winter'
Deadly Remains - 'Severing Humanity' 
Death Strike - 'Fuckin' Death'
Deathfist - 'Too Hot To Burn' 
Deathhammer - 'Onward To The Pits'  
Deathronation - 'Exorchrism' 
Decayed - 'Lusitanian Black Fucking Metal' 
Deceased - 'Supernatural Addiction'
Deceptor - 'Chains Of Delusion'
Decline Of The I - 'Inhibition'
Degradation - 'Juggernaut'
Dehumanized - 'Controlled Elite'
Deiphago - 'Satan Alpha Omega'
Delta Cepheid - 'Entity' 
Dementia - 'Beyond The Pale'
Demonic Death Judge - 'Skygods'
Denial Of God - 'Death And The Beyond'
Denouncement Pyre - 'World Cremation'  
Desaster - 'The Arts Of Destruction' 
Desolate Shrine - 'The Sanctum Of Human Darkness'
Desolate Shrine - 'Tenebrous Towers' 
Deus Otiosus - 'Godless'
Deus Otiosus - 'Murderer' 
Deviant Syndrome - 'Inflicted Deviations' 
Devil - 'Magister Mundi Xum / The Noble Savage'
Devil Ancestry - 'At The Seat Of Evil Ecstasy'
The Devil's Blood - 'The Thousandfold Epicentre' 
Die Hard - 'Conjure The Legions'
Dogbane - 'Residual Alcatraz' 
Drakar - 'Let Draka' 
Drunken Bastards - 'Horns Of The Wasted' 
Dynfari - 'Sem Skugginn'


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