Voidcleaning - reviews part 5

Thanks to Patrick for those reviews. 
The slumber is over now, Dead Void Dreams is back in action!

DESOLATE SHRINE 'The Sanctum Of Human Darkness' (Dark Descent Records)

One of Finland's most underrated (in my opinion anyways) brutal, dark death metal bands returns with their second masterpiece of destruction. Desolate Shrine released their amazing debut 'Tenebrous Towers' in 2011 through Hammer Of Hate Rec. well it didn't take long these dark Finnish masters to find a new home with the great Dark Descent Rec. to release their follow-up CD. If you heard 'Tenebrous Towers' you are aware of this band's brilliance, but if you missed that gem Desolate Shrine mix heavy fast, aggressive death metal with touches of slower, darker death/doomish style that really works for this band. Desolate Shrine is a hard band to compare to any one certain band so I will just end the review by saying if you enjoy evil, dark, original sounding death metal then Desolate Shrine is a band you will definitely want to hear as soon as you can. Another great release for Dark Descent Rec. - looking forward to see what they release in 2013!!

HAIDUK 'Spellbook' (Self-released)

Luka Milojica (vocalist, guitars, drum programming) has created some really impressive music on his latest musical offering 'Spellbook'. Nine tracks of fiery, intense death/thrash with a lot of really well played and thought out guitar riffs and solos. I am not familiar with Luka's past projects/bands but it is obvious listening to 'Spellbook' that he has been playing guitar for quite a few years, as his guitar playing is what shines through the most on each of these songs, whether he is shredding away or thrashing away with heavy metal/speed metal madness or giving his fingers a rest and going for a more mid-pace riffs. The drums which are compliments of a drum machine almost sound like a real drummer not sure how Luka set it up but the drumming sounds excellent and fits the guitars perfectly. Haiduk is definitely recommended to fans who enjoy thrashing/death metal with a lot of complex yet fast and chaotic guitar work. 

CHAPEL OF DISEASE 'Summoning Black Disease' (FDA Rekotz)

FDA Rekotz sure knows how to pick out the better quality sounding old-school bands out there in the never ending sea of bands that has been flooding the underground in the past few years. Chapel Of Disease is the label's latest offering and these Germans do a great job of mixing in '90s style tech brutal death of (early) Gorguts and Death albums mixed with some more straight-forward European and U.S. brutal death metal. The band also has some darker melodies for an extra layer of heaviness and darkness within the bands' already near perfect sound. Chapel Of Disease is a great example of of how you can keep the old-school traditional death metal sound but also add your own ideas to keep it fresh and original. Highly recommended to all death metal fanatics out there!!

SULPHUR AEON 'Swallowed By The Ocean's Tide' (FDA Rekotz)

Germany's Sulphur Aeon mix a nice blend of straight forward death metal and some melodic parts within the brutality. The guitars are non-stop riffs and mix in some decent riffs and few solos throughout the songs.The drumming is decent but nothing really outstanding - just non-stop beats, no real structure. Not a horrible album as this is the band's debut but there are definitely a lot better bands on the FDA roster worth checking out.

DEHUMANIZED 'Controlled Elite' (Comatose Music)

New York legends Dehumanized return with only one previous full-length under their belts (1998's 'Prophecies Foretold') and the band made quite an impact with this release, becoming one of New York's most recognizable slam/brutal death metal bands playing shows all over the U.S. The band re-united and was picked up by the mighty Comatose Music (a perfect label for Dehumanized style of music) and here we have the newest offering ' Controlled Elite'. Was it worth the wait? Does Dehumanized still have the fire and brutality they had so many years ago? The answer to both questions is yes! Dehumanized pick up right where they left off playing heavy mid-to fast paced guitars and bass with some slower heavier sections or the more pit inducing faster death guitars with some really well done riffs and solos. The drummer is simply amazing playing slower, heavier/slam beats or blasting away with aggression - either way this band does it to perfection! Great to see them back in action. If you are a fan from the past definitely check this out! Or if you missed them in the early 90s but enjoy brutal, slam death metal check this out you won't be disappointed.


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