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Opium Warlords 'We Meditate Under..' review

OPIUM WARLORDS 'We Meditate Under The Pussy In The Sky' (Svart Records)
The one-man project (of none else but Sami Albert Hynninen, one of the bizarre reverends - ED)Opium Warlords from Finland released its second full-length album under the provocative title 'We Meditate Under the Pussy in the Sky'. The opening track "Sxi-Meru" is a compilation of grotesque noises that despite their sickness manage to draw the listener’s attention. "Slippy" begins with a doomy and epic mix of various instruments to continue with an attack of growling vocals and harsh guitars and drums just to end up to a soft, relaxing, harmonious and melodic sound. However, the song doesn’t leave room for relaxing, since it ends with a blast of drums and almost ritualistic music.  Despite these almost good songs that create in you the desire to listen carefully what would come next (at least to some extent), the rest of the album is rather disappointing. The slow doom riffs at the beg…

Warseid 'Where Fate Lies Unbound' review

WARSEID 'Where Fate Lies Unbound' (Self-released)
It is very strange for a band from Wisconsin, U.S.A. to deal with Norwegian mythology. However, Warseid is one of these bands that not only has Norse mythology as its main lyrical theme, but is also succeeds in mixing in an amazing way folk with symphonic black metal, creating its unique sound. 'Where Fate Lies Unbound' is the new EP for the five – member band from Madison after 'Sentry' which was released in 2010. "Shackles Through Sand" starts with a soft acoustic guitar before the appearance of an extremely melodic lead guitar that can be easily imprinted into your mind. The continuous passages from black harsh to more gentle and clean vocals and from stormy riffs again to acoustic guitar melodies are enough to appreciate the abilities of this band. The last song "Farewell" reveals a rather melancholic mood at the first part while it can be considered as the most melodic and the song which de…

Maveth 'Coils Of The Black Earth' review

MAVETH 'Coils Of The Black Earth' (Dark Descent Records)
Finland's Maveth are a new band to my ears and I'm glad I got a hold of their debut full-length on the great Dark Descent label. 'Coils Of The Black Earth' showcases this young band's power and dark violent sound. The band mixes in mid nineties death metal with some of their own sick twisted ideas. The guitars have some really well played complex riffs / patterns, without loosing any of the heaviness, they are done back and forth going from extremely fast with non-stop riffs but without warning come to a nearly slow/ mid paced crawl. The vocals are vicious, angry and just insane. Maveth might sound just like any other death metal band with this review, but believe me, they are so much more with their music that has a very dark atmosphere intertwined within the band's brutal sound. This is one hell of a great debut and well worth checking out if you enjoy dark, brutal death metal. Patrick 

Paroxsihzem 'Paroxsihzem' review

PAROXSIHZEM 'Paroxsihzem' (Dark Descent Records)
I don't know where Dark Descent finds their bands but so far I think just about every band I have heard from this label has been great and that's pretty rare these days. But you can add Paroxsihzem to the roster of Dark descent bands that are great and definitely worth checking out. Paroxsihzem come out of the Canadian underground and has released an amazing debut full of morbid, dark heavy death metal. Raging fast guitars, thick heavy bass mixed with deep, low growls. The band plays death metal the way it was meant to be played: no gimmicks, no over-the top technical riffs / solos - just dark, nasty heavy riffs. If you are a "fan" of dark, bass / guitar heavy death metal then you should definitely enjoy Paroxsihzem. Patrick 

Stagnant Waters 'Stagnant Waters' review

STAGNANT WATERS 'Stagnant Waters' (Adversum)
Stagnant Waters is a new musical trio that definitely thinks outside the musical box when creating music. The band does have some black metal influence but that is definitely not its main influence as Stagnant Waters seems to draw and use influence from industrial, techno (not the trendy / happy shit techno but more eerie / haunting style) mixed with with a lot of random spaced out soundscapes that somehow seem to blend together within a dark realm of industrialized metal and just plain insanity put to extreme music. While other tracks are more influenced by ambient, noise, and industrial - in other words, Stagnant Waters are a band that have no boundaries when it comes to their music and I have to definitely respect that. Personally this is something that is a release that not going to be for everyone but I would definitely recommend it to those who enjoy extreme metal / music with no boundaries. Patrick
Stagnant Waters MySpace Adversum

Tsar Bomb 'Neowarfare' review

TSAR BOMB 'Neowarfare' (badGod Music)
This is a very impressive debut from Spain's blackened death war metal machine Tsar Bomb. Unrelenting, uncompromising barrage of blasting drums mixed with razor sharp guitar riffs and harsh, raw screams of pain. While each song is a violent and aggressive in it's delivery there is a unique sound and style that gives life to each track as well. A lot of bands playing this style usually get over looked for whatever reason but I would definitely urge any fans of blackened death to check out Tsar Bomb as soon as possible and add this band to your CD collection. I really think this band will be around in the underground scene for quite a few years and i for one can't wait to hear their next attacks! Patrick
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Die Hard 'Conjure The Legions' review

DIE HARD 'Conjure The Legions' (Agonia Records)
Sweden's Die Hard are back with their brand of catchy yet aggressive old-school death metal. Fast, thrashing guitars with some really intense and insane riffs and solos put in the mix. Drummer is just as chaotic and all over the place going from the hyper-speed thrashing to a more mid-paced beats but the drumming is very well done and played to perfection. The vocals are a mix of gruff growls and screams - this is definitely a worthwhile purchase for any and all fanatics of old-school thrashing mayhem. Patrick 

Deadly Remains 'Severing Humanity' review

DEADLY REMAINS 'Severing Humanity' (Deepsend Records)
Deadly Remains play straight forward and do it well!!! On 'Severing Humanity' the California band really impressed me with me with their sheer brutal heavy sound and mix of mid nineties and some modern death metal for a good solid release. Heavy mid-paced guitars with some killer riffs and solos but the band does know how to break loose with fury with some faster guitars and drumming patterns when the time is right. This is a band that brutal death metal fans sure will not want to miss out on so order your copy today! Patrick
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Decline Of The I 'Inhibition' review

DECLINE OF THE I 'Inhibition' (Agonia Records)
During the last years France has proved that it can be counted among the leading countries in the avant-garde / post-black metal scene - Peste Noire and Blut Aus Nord being only couple of the examples. From now on, France can be also be proud of Decline Of The I.  The band describes its work as something between Burzum, Code and Neurosis, and not unfairly. The band is the idea of the musician A.K. (vocals/ guitars/keyboards/programming/samples), who was previously released various underground metal works, including Malhkebre, Neo Infermo 262, Diapsiquir and Vorkreist. The concept of the album is based on a trilogy inspired by the works of the biologist Henri Laborit, about aggression in the world and the effort of humans to stand up and fight to this aggression, gaining its freedom. In this process there are three stages: suffering (“Inhibition” – oppressive and heavy), rebelling (“Rebellion” – fast and violent) and finally avoiding …

Riti Occulti 'Riti Occulti' review

RITI OCCULTI 'Riti Occulti' (Epidemie Records)
A very interesting and extremely atmospheric first full-length album from Riti Occulti formed in 2011 in Lazio, Rome. 'Riti Occulti' offers us a sample of stoner black doom metal mixed with the psychedelic sound of the '70s. Heavy and suffocating bass riffs, slow and mid-tempo drums, and fuzzy groovy guitars are the characteristics of Riti Occulti’s sound. The depressive melancholy of the bouzouki in "Desert of Soul" transfers the listener to oriental paths, while the haunting flute in "Bitter Awakening" along with the rhythmic drums calls for a trip to the depths of mystagogue. The pure black growling vocals full of desperation and anger along with the background operatic female vocals and the spoken words in some of the songs make the album all the way more atmospheric. All these are blended with a ritual sound referring to a sacramental journey towards darkness and occultism. Overall, the dense mu…

Demonic Death Judge 'Skygods' review

DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE 'Skygods' (Inverse Records)
If one blends the music of Orange Goblin with the growling vocals of a black metal band, then one has the impressive second album of the four-member band from Kymenlaakso, Finland. Demonic Death Judge offers us one of the best albums in sludge metal, touching the limits of the psychedelic stoner doom of the '70s mixed with Heinonen’s black grouching vocals. The eight tracks of the album reveal an emotional dynamic and call the listener to a journey from birth to death and again to rebirth. Hearing the powerful and mid-tempo groovy riffs changing to strumming guitar chords is like whirling in a vortex of consciousness and unconsciousness. Hakyli’s sludgy doomy riffs give their position to psychedelic jam guitar sections, which are carefully and well-planned mixed with Hakuli’s heavy roaming badass bass. On the other side, the energetic drums of Pikka with their passages contribute either to the calm or the tempestuous sound. Th…

Dynfari 'Sem Skugginn' review

DYNFARI 'Sem Skugginn' (Code 666)
A journey through the cold endless landscapes of Iceland would be enough to describe the second full-length album of the two-member band from Reykjavik. Absolutely dark, depressive and emotionally aggressive, the sequel of 'Dynfari' will excite the fans of Myrk, Wolves in the Throne Room and Austere, since it touches the limits of SDBM. Death, loss, pain and hope are the main lyrical themes of this band that screams "Pull me under!". From the opening song “Glötun” till the closing track “Svartir Himnar”, Dynfari pull slowly and effortlessly the listener to a placebo-state of unconsciousness, to a hopeless world of despair and desolation. Through the music that captures the ear and the mind, the band expresses its deeper and internal feelings which are imposed on the listener throughout the whole album. Despite its length, the band succeeds in keeping undiminished the attention of the listener through its careful work and the wel…

Dark At Dawn 'Noneternal ' review

DARK AT DAWN 'Noneternal' (Self-released)
After five years of silence the German band  is back with an energy laden four-track mini album. The flute intro, which reminds of Chinese folk music, of the opening song "Coming Home" followed by the Falconer-style guitars full of melody, perhaps appropriate for a Western movie, is a sign that the listening of this album will be a pleasant one. That's the case indeed, as the highly melodic - and at the same time extremely powerful - “Arabian Fights”, which starts with an oriental touch of "Morocco Night", is followed by the beer-time party-song “Firedrunk” with its catchy and easy to memorize refrain, similar to the feeling one has when hearing Korpiklaani’s songs. “Taking my time” is the last song of this brief but promising comeback of Dark At Dawn to the power metal scene. Of course the characteristic rough voice of Thorsten "Buddy" Kohlrausch is one of the major advantages of this band. Great news t…

Wanderer 'Bypassing The Abyss' review

WANDERER 'Bypassing The Abyss' (Dunkelheit Produktionen)
First full-length album for Mysterion (vocals/lyrics/artwork) and Dragonheart (back vocals/all instruments) from Donetsk, Ukraine. The black metal album 'Bypassing The Abyss' was originally released in 2004 under the title 'Passing The Abyss' by the Russian label Magic Art. The company, however, was closed and the album was not accepted by the public as it would deserve to, since there was no promotion. After than, the two-member band decided to release the album again after eight years and it's available now thanks to the German label Dunkelheit Produktionen. All songs remain the same as in the first recording - the reason for this was that the re-recording of the songs would be extremely difficult, since the original recording took place in a forest and a cave near Slavyanogorsk, Ukraine, so as the natural resonance of the voice can be heard. [Delved myself deeper into this bit to find out that this p…

Monads 'Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem' (dual) review

MONADS 'Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem' (Ordo MCM)
54 minutes of a tiring five-song demo for the band from Belgium. Another funeral doom album without anything new to exhibit to the listener. Extremely slow tempos, drums that still needs a lot of work, tiring lead guitar solos combined with slow growling. Perhaps the description sounds interesting, but it is not so good as it seems. There are times where the musical compositions touch the limits of death/doom, as at the end of ‘Absent As In These Veins’, lacking any connection with the entire song. Although ‘Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem’ can be regarded as ‘very good’ from some fans of this genre, this does not mean that it is not one-of-the-same, without any inspiration and without a spark. Despite the fact that it is a heavy, melancholic and atmospheric demo, it does not offer a great listening experience. [6]  Dark Alice's nightingale
We're opinionated bunch here at Dead Void Dreams, or else we wouldn't be doing this…

Voidcleaning - reviews part 3

Short and to the point. Let the review madness continue!  All reviews by Vladimir unless otherwise noted.

WÖMIT ANGEL – 'Sodomatic Rites of I.N.R.I.' (Inverse Records)
Black metal moving from underground and punk to black and death, without anything new to offer. This could be briefly the description of ‘Sodomatic Rites of INRI’, the first full length album of the Finnish Wömit Angel. Relentless and merciless drums that never stop, clichéd growling vocals that remind of Donald Duck, fast and furious guitars, banal lyrics about sex and Satan - this may satisfy only the newcomers to the genre. The artwork of the album is brilliant, the production is very good and the three-member band undoubtedly enjoyed what they did. However, this is not enough. [5]-Dark Alice nightingale- Womit Angel
OBSCENITY - 'Atrophied In Anguish' (Apostasy Records)
I had a soft spot for this German death metal band during their Morbid Records era in the late '90s and the early noughties, great to s…

Dawn Of Winter 'The Skull Of The Sorcerer' review

DAWN OF WINTER 'The Skull Of The Sorcerer' (Cyclone Empire)
Remember the tail end of the '90s? Remember that time when "true" power / heavy metal (Nuclear Blast / Massacre Records - style) was in vogue and millions of bands wished they were Hammerfall? Yup, grim and dreadful days those, unless you were born and bred moustacheoid and / or German and the first ever words to fall out of your mouth have been "Helloween" or "Manowar". It's madness thinking that's been 15 years ago - and I'm still recovering from the dross that used to abuse my ears and mind back then. See, I was a co-owner of this hole-in-the-wall metal store in those days. Nobody of the customers was interested in me recommending Candlemass or Bathory or - god forbid!, Pentagram to them. Why would they when there were albums by such luminaries as White Skull, Defender and, ahem, Sacred Steel up for the grabs? How this rant links to the review you might ask? Both Sacred St…

Interview with John Gelso (The Royal Arch Blaspheme)

The Royal Arch Blaspheme? Not a band for the mainstream metal public, let me tell you.  Things are different here atDead Void Dreamsand when Patrick interviewed band's founder John Gelso I knew this is gonna be a great reading for all you cursed souls out there. Do you agree?
Originally published on Winter Torment Zine
DENIAL OF THE HOLY SPIRITPatrick: Hails John! Thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview! Please introduce yourself to the readers.
John Gelso: Greetings, it all began in 1986 when Paul Ledney and I disbanded a punk project to begin the death/black metal band Toten. Since then, I’ve played guitar in a handful of bands. The only noteworthy ones I care to mention would be Profanatica, Contrivisti, and The Royal Arch Blaspheme.
Patrick: When did you and N.Imperial first meet? What gave you guys the idea to form The Royal Arch Blaspheme? How did the two of you choose the name of the band? How would you describe the band's music for the readers who have ne…

Oak Pantheon 'From A Whisper' review

OAK PANTHEON 'From A Whisper' (Broken Limbs Recordings)
An amazing listening experience from Oak Pantheon is being offered via the band’s first full – length album; it moves between atmospheric and post black metal, mixing elements of the old school black, dark and doom metal. Perhaps it is not so complicated, but the atmosphere of the album leaves us no chance to categorize its musical compositions to only one genre. Although one could expect such an album from the masters of this genre, the Scandinavians, the band comes from Minneapolis, Minnesota and provides us evidence that this scene is still alive on the other side of the Atlantic. Excellent guitar riffs that are very catchy sometimes, incredible drums that erupt and vocals varying from whispers, to clear and growling purely black metal are the basic elements for the magic recipe of Oak Pantheon. All the melancholic and heavy atmosphere of the album is further enhanced by the use of piano and acoustic guitar, which are re…

Loathsome 'Born From Rot' review

LOATHSOME 'Born From Rot' (Gore House Productions)
Nothing like some "Equal rights now!" activity to get the blood pumping in those freezing November days, no? Be smart, lose your brain, arm yourself with rusty medical scissors and join us at the front-line under the gore-splattered banner that reads "Zombies need their music to dance to". We're all the same vile breed here - the odour of Impetigo is the sweetest perfume to us, Haemorrhage is the essential soundtrack whilst hanging rotting cadavers onto those meat-hooks in our living rooms and when the muse pays a visit we always end up with tunes that are fast, heavy and groovy in the meanest possible manner. The dancing might not be the prettiest, but who cares when the body twists and turns in beautifully grotesque ways? Ahoy, the coming days of Parkinson's disease - we've been preparing for you for decades! Loathsome are officially cool - and some of their coolness steams from the fact they'…