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Interview with Byron (Dead River Runs Dry)

"...real brutality, rawness, fragility and darkness"Dead River Runs Dry have received rave reviews (like this one here) for their debut demo, 'Winter 2012' - and rightfully so.Dead Void Dreams' scribe Alice used the chance for a quick chat with the band's guitarist Byron - and here's the outcome:

Alice: First off, I would like to thank you for your time conducting this interview.
Byron: No worries. Thanks for the questions.
Alice: Dead River Runs Dry is a new band, being active for only one year. Do you want to tell us more about your decision to form this band?
Byron: To date, we’ve actually been active for about 7 or 8 months. We recorded the material because it seemed like a good idea at the time and it went from there.

Alice: Your demo 'Winter 2012' is a black metal album, but at the same time is something new concerning its sound. Please, tell us more about these musical compositions.
Byron: I don’t think we’re doing something all that new, really. …

Voidcleaning - reviews pt. 6

Paul Caravasi lives and breaths metal. Any time soon his Aquelarre Magazine 14th issue will see the dark of the night, feel free to contact him and ask for a copy.
Paul is also doing his own webzine, from where I've lifted off some reviews for your enjoyment. Read on.

CORSAIR 'Corsair' (Shadow Kingdom Records) These times I've been reviewing  many extreme metal bands. A few days ago I received a pack from Shadow Kingdom Records in the mail, when I saw the cover of this CD I had no idea what I would be listening at all. Well, after the first instrumental track, came my surprise, it was like if Thin Lizzy, Blue Oyster Cult and Rush  had given birth to a son named Corsair. Among all brutality in my ears I got to review this album full of melodies, excellent guitars solos and catchy riffs, the second song reached just perfect harmonies and I could say that Corsair features great musicianship. A fresh band very well produced. I would not say that this album contains one song t…

Deceptor 'Chains Of Delusion' review

DECEPTOR 'Chains Of Delusion' (Shadow Kingdom Records)
I know very little about this UK thrash metal band but after hearing 'Chains Of Delusion' it's easy to understand why Shadow Kingdom signed and released them. Deceptor embrace everything that made metal so pure and great back in the early days of thrash, the lightning fast guitar riffs and extremely fast yet catchy and memorable metal solos. The drums are just as catchy and pummelling in their approach with fast thrashing beats. The vocalist keeps it in the traditional thrash metal realm with hollering/screaming vocal patterns and also some higher pitched screams. Definitely recommended for fans of (old) Megadeth ('So Far, So Good, So What' era), early Priest, Slayer, I even hear a little Bruce Dickinson influence in some of the vocal patterns and Maiden in the guitars. (Patrick)
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Voidcleaning - reviews part 5

Thanks to Patrick for those reviews.  The slumber is over now, Dead Void Dreams is back in action!

DESOLATE SHRINE 'The Sanctum Of Human Darkness' (Dark Descent Records)
One of Finland's most underrated (in my opinion anyways) brutal, dark death metal bands returns with their second masterpiece of destruction. Desolate Shrine released their amazing debut 'Tenebrous Towers' in 2011 through Hammer Of Hate Rec. well it didn't take long these dark Finnish masters to find a new home with the great Dark Descent Rec. to release their follow-up CD. If you heard 'Tenebrous Towers' you are aware of this band's brilliance, but if you missed that gem Desolate Shrine mix heavy fast, aggressive death metal with touches of slower, darker death/doomish style that really works for this band. Desolate Shrine is a hard band to compare to any one certain band so I will just end the review by saying if you enjoy evil, dark, original sounding death metal then Desolate Shrin…

Deceased 'Supernatural Addiction' review

DECEASED 'Supernatural Addiction' (Hells Headbangers) 
I reviewed this album for Canadian Assault, the first time was back when it was released in 2000, now some twelve years later it gets it’s re-release through the cult label Hells Headbangers. Actually that brings back a memory, as I got the promo for the original release one day, listen to it, then go to the NJ Metalfest the next day and I end up hanging out with King Fowley himself briefly and letting him know I loved it. This album really featured the death metal kings Deceased feeling and sewing their heavy metal oats, which is where they came from. If you know much about these guys they were just as into heavy metal back in the 80s when this band formed as they were into thrash and death metal. They could have went either way, but chose to form a death metal band, what I am saying is this was no retro jump because it was cool at the time, these guys had lived it for decades. As for the music as I said this is a heavy meta…

Corpus Mortale 'FleshCraft' review

CORPUS MORTALE  'FleshCraft' (Deepsend Records)
If Deep Send Records maintain the quality of their releases the way it's been so far, they will definitely be one of the strongest labels around. Certainly they won't grow as big, as they don't care about the current trends at all, but they will definitely come out of it with pride and integrity. Same could be said for Corpus Mortale whose album 'FleshCraft' has a lot of early Morbid Angel influences. In a way the emphasis of the riffing is laid on 90's Florida's death metal, but it sounds so fucking dark and evil that it can easily destroy your ears. No matter what, the guitars kills and the vocals cut like razorz. Brutally vicious!! (Paul Caravasi)
Corpus Mortale

Deus Otiosus 'Godless' review

DEUS OTIOSUS 'Godless' (Deepsend Records)
It's about time I got something new to review from this band from Denmark. Deus Otiosus are a death metal band, and one of the most extreme ones. You can tell that this is one of those few bands who will not alter their style for anyone, and that's fucking amazing. The blinding drumwork, the furious riffing, and the vocalist's hideous serpentine snarl are all that is necessary to create some of the most extraordinary and memorable music known to man or beast. This album is a must have for any death metal maniac, this band is easily capable of reaching Krisiun, Broken Hope and Cannibal Corpse-like speed, and they manage to make your head move in circles, great kick ass riffs, a completely masterpiece of inhumanly talent!! (Paul Caravasi)
Deus Otiosus

Agony Lords 'A Tomb For The Haunted' review

AGONY LORDS 'A Tomb For The Haunted' (Chaos Records)
 If you don't know this band , you need to know that every member is talented with respected backgrounds and bands. Very good riffing with plenty of time changes, the music is constantly interesting, I assumed by the name that this was a black metal band - I was so wrong! This is good stuff however. Atmospheric-styled death metal which fills the void of originality not found in a lot of new musical projects. They do have the usual sound, but mix in strange but cool technical sounding drum playing. "The Spirit In The Tower" is the most memorable song provided with a nice riff ,double bass and solos. These guys from Mexico know how to play metal with rage and this CD has good quality recording too. Hope to hear more from them in the future. If you enjoy extreme metal with great musicianship ,definitely this band is for you! (Paul Caravasi)
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