Voidcleaning - reviews pt. 6

Paul Caravasi lives and breaths metal. Any time soon his Aquelarre Magazine 14th issue will see the dark of the night, feel free to contact him and ask for a copy.

Paul is also doing his own webzine, from where I've lifted off some reviews for your enjoyment. Read on.

CORSAIR 'Corsair' (Shadow Kingdom Records)
These times I've been reviewing  many extreme metal bands. A few days ago I received a pack from Shadow Kingdom Records in the mail, when I saw the cover of this CD I had no idea what I would be listening at all. Well, after the first instrumental track, came my surprise, it was like if Thin Lizzy, Blue Oyster Cult and Rush  had given birth to a son named Corsair. Among all brutality in my ears I got to review this album full of melodies, excellent guitars solos and catchy riffs, the second song reached just perfect harmonies and I could say that Corsair features great musicianship. A fresh band very well produced. I would not say that this album contains one song that's better than the next one because to be honest the whole album is worth to listen to, but personally my favourite songs are "Chaemera" and "Path of the Chosen Arrow". I did not expect to find such a cool sound among all the brutality reviewed in Aquelarre Zine, I'm a die hard metalhead and I enjoy extreme bands but with this album I realize that there is no limit to continue discovering new bands as good as this one and not necessary has to be brutal. If you're reading this review and have the opportunity to get their album, do it now, because you won't be disappointed. An interesting record that surprises at every listen. Definitely I'll be listening this band for a long time!

LIFELESS 'Godconstruct' (FDA Rekotz)
2013 is surprising me with one of the heaviest death metal band on the planet so far. Wow, what a fucking beast of an album! Mixing the most brutal moments of old Nihilist, Dismember and Unleashed there's no way this can fail. Featuring 12 crushing songs that will destroy you, when you see the artwork you know that this is bound to shred. This is like a ravenous beast ripping throats in a violent rage of cannibalistic frenzy, Lifeless rip through flesh and bones without mercy, leaving me with a lust for blood and hungry for more true death. There's no way you can escape from this. Be prepared for a brutal Death metal journey to Hell and beyond. Fantastic!

THE ADVENT EQUATION 'Limitless Life Reflections' (Self-released)
The name of this band has crossed me several times, but I never  stumbled upon their music, until I got their sent by Clawhammer PR this month. I was pleased to discover that the music of this Mexican band is of good quality, and holding a fine mix of Progressive and Death metal with the occasional Blackened touch. There's a great variation to the material and a couple of songs makes my thoughts drift to Paradise Lost, Katatonia and My Dying Bride. Even if the sound is somewhat familiar, there's not many bands I would compare this to further, the melody is here and they manage to blend this with a savage sound too. I definitely got my favourites among the songs here and I'm sure you'll find yours. Different and actually quite sinister!

COLDSTEEL 'America Idle' (Stormspell Records) 
Coldsteel is back!! In case you were wondering this band is from the 80s underground Thrash Metal scene from New York City, it's about time I got something to review from this band. They have the old school "live and die for Metal" attitude. The vocals are not bad at all, and still very aggressive, it fits better for this style anyway. 'America Idle' show progression from their old material, there's still some room for improvement. I bet this band would be a real intense live act, "Blood Secrets" and "You Lose" are the best tracks in my opinion , the songs maintain that early 90s style drumming and injecting  technical fast riffs and mayhemic solos. Looking forward to their next Thrash Attack!


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