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Chuck Schuldiner (May 13, 1967 – December 13, 2001)

A passionate homage to 'The Father of Death Metal', by Andrew Oliver. Everyone has at least one real defining moment in their life. One instance that comes out of nowhere and, whether it be subtle and cause gradual change, or abrupt in its delivery unto oneself, helps shape who you are for years to come, help makes you who you are. One moment that hits you from out of sight and makes you change gears completely, open your eyes, and assess your situation in a whole new light. 
Now, let me start by saying that when I was young, my exposure to music was limited to boring singer-songwriters, your James Taylors and John Denvers, etc. And, even being as young and impressionable as all children are, this music bored and annoyed me, therefore, leaving me to dismiss all music altogether as being frustratingly simple, and plain. In my house, it was all acoustic, all the time.
Then it happened. Out of the blue and completely unexpected as all of these moments tend to be. I was eleven year…

Interview with Dale Roy (Canadian Assault Zine)

Here is a new interview I have done with one of my longest and most trusted brothers within the metal underground. I remember ordering Dale's 1st issue way back in the mid 90's and was totally blown away by his knowledge and passion for metal music. This is a man that literally eats, sleeps and thinks metal 24 hrs. a day. 
Unfortunately I believe all his "printed" issues are long-sold-out. But Dale like so many of the fanzine editors moved their beloved zine to the internet and now you can read all the latest updates whenever you want 24 hrs. a day!! I will let Dale tell you more in the interview but Dale's main love lies within the old-school metal, black metal, death metal etc., but he reviews most everything sent if it fits his zine and tastes. And truthfully if you run a web-zine you know what I mean, but if you don't - with the new invention of "digital promos" the amount you recieve in one-week can become overwhelming pretty quickly... So if a…

Black Oath 'The Third Aeon' review

BLACK OATH 'The Third Aeon' (I Hate Records – CD / Horror Records - LP)
Italian doom metal and as any dedicated doom fan knows Italy is a place where doom has set down its roots deeply for many years. Immediately coming to mind are legends like Paul Chain and Death SS. I have spent many an hour listening to those two bands and Paul Chain in particular. The band is described as epic occult doom metal, and the bio cites early Candlemass as an influence for Black Oath and that is bang on. They borrow from that sound, but they do it well and put their own vibe or twist upon it. The Oath employ keyboards, something I am not always a fan of, but they are in general applied sparsely and kept lower in the mix so they really do sound like more of an accompaniment, and do not drown out the traditional instruments. The vocals are classic clean sung traditional doom style vocals, quite melodious and flowing, they fit the music well. Another influence that is springing to mind for me as I lis…

The Wounded Kings 'In The Chapel Of The Black Hand'

THE WOUNDED KINGS 'In The Chapel Of The Black Hand' (I Hate Records) The Wounded Kings make a welcome return to the pages of Canadian Assault [As well as their debut in Dead Void Dreams! -ED]. I reviewed their last album 'The Shadow Over Atlantis' and was a fan of it. It is the quality we come to expect from I Hate Records. TWK are doom metal through and through, in the classic style and tone, drifting through the air like smoke, you can see it, taste it, smell it but it deftly seeps through your mind and your hands if you try to capture it. 'In The Chapel Of The Black Hand' is an extremely hypnotic expedition of the mind, but also an exploration of the soul. These are the deep, reflective thoughts and feelings that course through me while listening to this album. It is so difficult not to get lost in it all and I am not sure I even care to find my way back. Yeah bro this album just fucking does things to me that few bands can achieve to this level. On the last al…

Memory Driven 'Animus' review

MEMORY DRIVEN 'Animus' (I Hate Records) Some doom coming out of Oklahoma via Sweden with I Hate Records. This is my first experience with Memory Driven. 'Animus' is a pretty diverse record and I would say not as accessible or as immediate as many of the bands on this label. It will probably take a few listens to really grasp what all is going on here. The more I listen to it though the less inclined I am to the doom tag that comes with the label reputation and is around the band. A reputation that I think in large part owes to the main creative force being Dennis Cornelius, who has been in bands like Place Of Skulls, Revelation, Doom Stone etc… But to be honest a lot of this record both musically and vocally probably has more to do with the early 90s grunge sound than it does with doom rock. Both musically and vocally I can hear some Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and that type of music. I mean do not get me wrong these guys are great musicians and have some really interestin…

Children Of Technology 'It's Time To Face The Doomsday' review

CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY 'It’s Time To Face The Doomsday' (Hells Headbangers) I love crossover thrash bands. This particular one comes to us by way of Italy. Hells Headbangers have really been diversifying the bands they sign lately and in a good way. As can be expected with this style the songs are often on the short side and the album comes in at under 30 minutes. Goodness these fucking guys can rip, they hit you with those cool tumbling riffs that trundle forward quickly like a sweet motorcycle with timing problem in the overheating engine. Those killer riffs make me want to mosh and headbang like a raving lunatic. I also love those gruff and gutsy vocals that sound like the guy has been a life long smoker and heavy drinker. This shit is getting me nostalgic and wanting to reach for my Cryptic Slaughter, DRI, Tankard, SOD etc… The audio insanity of Children Of Technology fits right in perfectly. It is great to see bands like COT, Adrenicide, Short Sharp Shock keeping this style …

Nocturnal Blood 'Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration' review

NOCTURNAL BLOOD 'Devastated Graves – The Morbid Celebration' (Hells Headbangers) Hells Headbangers pump out new releases like nobodies business. I am not sure sometimes how they even find the time away from releasing/promoting to scour the planet for so many good new bands to release. It is evident immediately to me that Nocturnal Blood worship at the feet of Blasphemy, Archgoat and the very early works of bands like Beherit, Sodom, Incantation and Bathory. I mean the very creepy and low-fi, old school production itself just absolutely smacks of Beherit and Blasphemy. I would suggest Nocturnal likely worked hard to get that sound on this recording. The atmosphere of the recording definitely helps create a very sinister classic early days of death and black metal sound. I guess one difference between Nocturnal Blood and some of the mentioned bands is they are fairly monotone and mostly unchanging from song to song and within each track itself. Something about that just draws me i…

Drunken Bastards 'Horns Of The Wasted' review

DRUNKEN BASTARDS 'Horns Of The Wasted' MCD (Hells Headbangers) Now how can you not get a kick out of a band with members who go by monikers like Gaylord Shemale, Bitchy Rockmore and Alcoholic Sperm?! They also claim they are “Too metal for punk and too punk for metal” – that sounds about right and also sounds like something I would like. I did not look at the running time but I would guess it barely hits the twenty minute mark. Drunken Bastards deliver like they promise, adult beverage soaked raunchy speed metal ala Cryptic Slaughter, Gang Green mixed with Agnostic Front and some crazy other bands that are on the tip of my tongue right now but will not come out. These boys just rage full speed ahead on every song with some nasty heavy riffs that are catchy and sound cool as hell with the rapid fire drums and gang shouted vocals back ups. Yeah I really dig this. But I have always dug bands like this. Some metal purists might not. How can you go wrong with song titles like “Drink W…

Fyrnask 'Bluostar' review

FYRNASK 'Bluostar' (Temple Of Torturous)
I like the layout of this album; it comes on a fold out cardboard case with the booklet in one pocket and the disc in the other. The layout is kind of stark, simplistic with classic landscapes and artwork that gives off a really melancholic wandering sort of feeling. It reflects the music itself quite well. This German band is another in a line of one man atmospheric and black metal bands. The hymns on 'Bluostar' are just that an atmospheric, again wandering forlorn and introspective music mixed with aggressive short bursts of all out early 90s style black metal. The vocals are pretty sparse at times, but I think the instrumentation is what is supposed to be on display front and centre. But you do get the yelled black metal rasps as well as hymn like chanting and the odd spoken word bit. Overall I really got into this and it took me on a mental journey with this project. It is so perfect the time I listen to this album as it is a d…

Falls Of Rauros 'The Light That Dwells In Rotten Wood' review

FALLS OF RAUROS 'The Light That Dwells In Rotten Wood' (Bindrune Recordings)
I do not think I have ever heard black / viking / folk sort of epic metal this good from a North American band before. I was sure when I pressed play that I would find out Falls of Rauros were from somewhere in Scandinavia. So imagine my surprise when I investigate and find out this quality outfit hails from the mist swept forests of Maine. At times they make me think of one of my all time faves of this style Kampfar. Falls produce some grand mental landscapes and produce in me waves of introspective and mournful emotions. They interweave some heavy galloping parts with flowing folkish acoustic guitars displaying a dexterity that illustrates their mature song writing skill. I really enjoyed this but you probably have to be in a mellow, low key kind of mood and be willing to let yourself be carried away with the current. For me it is a fine counterpoint to put on against the hate and extremity that often …

Obsequiae 'Suspended In The Brume Of Eos'

OBSEQUIAE 'Suspended In The Brume Of Eos' (Bindrune Recordings) 'Suspended in The Brume Of Eos' is the debut of this metal horde from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In my view, this is a strong first release for the band and it becomes quite apparent why Bindrune became interested in them. Bindrune are known for having fine tastes when it comes to melodic, epic and progressive sounding dark / black metal. They are a label that releases in quality and not quantity, Obsequiae continue the tradition. There are some wonderful twin guitar harmonies going on, as well as some fine acoustic work, yet it is always balanced structurally with a thought not towards making it just catchy, but rather towards mapping out a long and winding mental journey. They mix their dark metal sound with elements of heavy metal, black metal and medieval folkish strains, so nothing new there yet they do it more skilfully than most. Obsequiae create songs with it, not merely a patch work quilt of influences.…

M.F.A.G.C.O.Q.D. 'Devolution' review

Mincing Fury come at you like a screaming fireball of metal coming from the Czech Republic. The Czech is a country that longtime underground minions will recognize as a hotbed of grindcore / brutal death mix the last couple decades. It will also come as no surprise that 'Devolution' fits nicely into that description as well. You could even say they helped solidify that reputation as they have been mincing it up in the Czech scene for a decade now. I always find it a little hard to describe these releases. It is basically gurgling, toilet growling vocals, on top of spastic fast guitars intermingled with slower sections, always return to lightning fast blast beat insano drumming. Mixed in between all of this sickness are many crazy, off-beat samples. It is probably an acquired taste for some people. Especially those that like all their metal to refined, thought provoking, presented on ov…

Volturyon 'Coordinated Mutilation' review

VOLTURYON 'Coordinated Mutilation' (United Guttural Records)
Volturyon hit us up with their sophomore record and my first listening of this Swedish group. Maybe you are expecting some old Swedish death metal or perhaps the newer melodic Scandinavian sounds? You would be wrong on both counts. What 'Coordinated Mutilation' is all about is brutality and I am talking about brutality of the American kind. I think it would be fair to say Cannibal Corpse is a big influence on these guys and a template for their music. Sure it is derivative, but it is also executed quite well and Volturyon hit you with a barrage of barbwire wrapped riffs, some excellent drum work, the odd guitar soloing and caged bear adrenalized vocals. I enjoyed it. But let’s be honest this is really only for diehard fans of vicious American death metal made popular in the 90s. Then again if you are shopping the United Guttural catalog then you already worship this style of violent storm. (Dale Roy)  Volturyon

Nile 'Worship The Animal' review

NILE 'Worship The Animal  (1994 - The Lost Recordings)'  (Goomba Music)
As the first track "La Chant Du Cygre" kicks in, I'm treated to a few shocks right off the bat. A groove, melodic vocals and no blast-beating...

Now correct me if I'm wrong here, but as a non NILE enthusiast all I've ever heard from them is the likes of "Sacrifice Unto Sebek" and "Lashed To The Slave Stick" etc. Brutal walls of noise bathed in aggression, story telling lyrics and non stop blasting. In fact, I'd go as far to say that in my very limited knowledge of NILE, if I wouldn't of picked up this album and hit the play button, NILE would forever go down as "That crazy noise making band who blasts all the time". Now don't get me wrong, from a technical point of view etc NILE are a band of machines, but musically it never really seemed to click with me because I'm coming from a background of Pantera / Metallica.

Track 2 - "Worship The …