Memory Driven 'Animus' review

(I Hate Records)
Some doom coming out of Oklahoma via Sweden with I Hate Records. This is my first experience with Memory Driven. 'Animus' is a pretty diverse record and I would say not as accessible or as immediate as many of the bands on this label. It will probably take a few listens to really grasp what all is going on here. The more I listen to it though the less inclined I am to the doom tag that comes with the label reputation and is around the band. A reputation that I think in large part owes to the main creative force being Dennis Cornelius, who has been in bands like Place Of Skulls, Revelation, Doom Stone etc… But to be honest a lot of this record both musically and vocally probably has more to do with the early 90s grunge sound than it does with doom rock. Both musically and vocally I can hear some Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and that type of music. I mean do not get me wrong these guys are great musicians and have some really interesting things going on in the music and I really can dig some of it. Maybe it just was so much of the opposite of what I was expecting that I just had a hard time really getting into 'Animus'. I really do not care much for the vocals either. I would say if you like some of the better stuff from the grunge days mixed with some doom rock type tendencies then you would most likely like Memory Driven. However for me it was just not my cup of tea, I gave it a good shot and listened to the record 4 or 5 times looking for stuff I liked. But ultimately the things I did not care for about Memory Driven outweighed that which I liked.
(Dale Roy) 


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