Children Of Technology 'It's Time To Face The Doomsday' review

'It’s Time To Face The Doomsday'
(Hells Headbangers)
I love crossover thrash bands. This particular one comes to us by way of Italy. Hells Headbangers have really been diversifying the bands they sign lately and in a good way. As can be expected with this style the songs are often on the short side and the album comes in at under 30 minutes. Goodness these fucking guys can rip, they hit you with those cool tumbling riffs that trundle forward quickly like a sweet motorcycle with timing problem in the overheating engine. Those killer riffs make me want to mosh and headbang like a raving lunatic. I also love those gruff and gutsy vocals that sound like the guy has been a life long smoker and heavy drinker. This shit is getting me nostalgic and wanting to reach for my Cryptic Slaughter, DRI, Tankard, SOD etc… The audio insanity of Children Of Technology fits right in perfectly. It is great to see bands like COT, Adrenicide, Short Sharp Shock keeping this style alive and well. Not only that but they want your beer, your bitches and think your teeth look silly inside your mouth, so spit them out! There are limited cassette and vinyl versions of this release, good luck searching them out.
(Dale Roy) 


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