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Hot Graves review

     HOT GRAVES ‘D-Beat Death Dirge’ demo & ‘Desecration Time’ EP

Generally speaking, when DJ VKOM himself (aka Fenriz) approves of a band nowadays, one can bet that the said band is either playing early 80’ metal of some sort, or as in this case, some raw punk/crust mixed with (black) metal. Hot Graves’ demo stuff, with its cavernous tone and production, leans more to territories long ago occupied, and ruled fiercely, by the likes of Profanatica and Nunslaughter, even though these Florida natives have tried their best injecting the crust virus of Amebix and Discharge for an added mutant effect. Sadly the guitars are waaay too thin sounding at times, thus those songs never really clicked with me fully, despite my adoration to the bands that originally inspired this. However, the band has improved with time, it seems, and  ‘Desecration Time’ boasts a much fuller, more dynamic sound and style. This is also more D-beat oriented, safe for the slow and low metal part in the title song. P…

Lifeless review

LIFELESS ‘Beyond the Threshold of Death’  (Ibex Moon Records) Strangely enough, but despite being probably the biggest metal market in the world, Germany has not been able to produce a single death metal band that will make the fans of the style go apeshit wild about. And I know for a fact that there’s a myriad of death bands in the country, and that most of them are sounding well rehearsed and rather decent, still somewhat missing that little special extra bit that could elevate a band from being ‘good’ into ‘godlike’. I’d like to be proven wrong (keep your promos coming, pals) but this Lifeless’ album hardly goes against this trend. This just doesn’t seem to be as gritty and menacing sounding as their influences seem to require – and I can bet these guys are heavily into the good stuff from the 90’s. Dismember, Grave, Entombed, Deicide, Morbid Angel – everything you’d care to mention of this ilk is on here, and it shows. The songs are never sloppy and the added blast beats could be gre…

Cardiac Arrest review

CARDIAC ARREST ‘Haven for the Insane’  (Ibex Moon Records)

Don’t you just love it coming across an album that gives you an extra energy boost, especially in this gloomy time of the year? Well, apparently I do, as evidenced by the fact that Cardiac Arrest’s third full-length has remained in my player for some heavy, and well deserved I hasten to add, rotation for the last couple of days. Yeah, screw the coffee and give me more of this – extreme death metal that puts you in a sort of battle mood that I find absolutely essential in order of overcoming the daily grind. Speaking of which, Cardiac Arrest have also added bits and pieces of both grindcore and obnoxious crust punk to their already lethal death metal arsenal(the good ole “One-two, fuck you” has always been a winner !), which to me explains the immediate catchiness of the tunes. A good time should be had by all while this comes out of the speakers – it has some seriously monstrous vocals, loud bass lines, hard hitting drumming and …

Brutally Deceased review

‘Dead Lovers’ Guide’ 
(Lavadome Productions)

Talk about wearing your influences on your sleeve. Then talk about tribute bands. And then talk about Brutally Deceased, a Czech based entity of nostalgia-laden fiends, whose main goal might well be building up the time machine often quoted by both science fiction writers and ageing metalheads alike. Destination and time period in case? Stockholm, around 1990. Location? Sunlight Studios. Why yes, welcome to the world of Brutally Deceased. These guys have faithfully replicated both the sound and style of those days long gone with such accuracy that it's frightening, actually. Lack of originality aside, the band definitely knows its strong points and has wisely used them to their advantage, which especially applies to the oh-so-familiar, yet always exciting and up-front, guitar work. Now that is a good example of mixing some melodic solos amidst the crunchy and crusty riffs, nicely supported by the well pronounced low-end …