Interview with Matt McGachy (Cryptopsy)

This fall sees the return of Cryptopsy, one of the most loved and talked about technical death metal bands.

Dead Void Dreams jumped on the opportunity for a quick chat with band's vocalist Matt McGachy and here's what he has to say about the new, self-titled, album by the Canadian extremists.

Interview by Dark Alice's Nightingale


Dead Void Dreams: After four years of silence you return with a devastating mind-blowing album. The new album is regarded to be your turning back to your roots. What was your aim through this work?

Matt McGachy: We just focused on the songwriting this time around. We wanted to write a record that would reflect the evolution of Cryptopsy while remaining relevant in today's extreme music scene.

Dead Void Dreams: It's been stated on your website that 'Cryptopsy' is gonna be the “most brutal, technical and dynamic offering as of yet”. Do you believe that you have achieved that?

Matt McGachy
: I am completely satisfied with our new album, it's technical and dynamic while remaining brutal through and through.

Dead Void Dreams: Is there a specific reason for abandoning the ‘experiments’ with the vocals and the sound of your latest albums and writing something that reminds us of the old Cryptopsy?

Matt McGachy: Flo had Jon to work with on this one. Keep in mind that they are the writing force behind 'Blasphemy Made Flesh', 'None So Vile', 'Whisper Supremacy' and 'And Then You'll Beg'. So once they teamed up again it was almost as if the album wrote itself. As for leaving the experiments behind, yes we did. No point in beating a dead horse, there is no place for clean vocals in Cryptopsy. That's why I started my progressive rock project called The Era Of.

Dead Void Dreams: Does your decision have something to do with the reaction by portion of the fans that were not pleased with 'The Unspoken King'?

Matt McGachy
: I guess being reminded of how much they disliked 'The Unspoken King' every day on the net might have been implicitly placed in our minds.

Dead Void Dreams: According to the info, 'Cryptopsy' is both self produced and self released. Do you want to tell us more about the production of this album? What's the pros and cons of being the ones releasing the album, in comparison being on a label?

Matt McGachy
: The pros of releasing your own album is that there is no time limit. The cons of releasing your own album were that there was no time limit.

We took our time during the mixing period to make sure that everything was exactly at the level it needed to be. We also took our time for the mastering, we tested out a few different options but in the end it was our bud JF Fortin that gave us what we needed.

We felt no pressure throughout the entire process; we took our time.

On the other hand it has been a lot of work releasing the album ourselves. We had to pick up a lot of the PR work which our label used to do for us. Luckily most of the hard work has been done, like the distribution deals and such. And thank god for easy Internet platforms such as Bandcamp which helped make our life a lot easier.

We could not be releasing this album without the help of Galy Records in Canada, Revolution Harmony and Candlelight Records in the US, PlasticHead in EU, JVC in Japan and Clawhammer PR. These people have helped us unbelievably and we owe them a big thanks!

Dead Void Dreams: Apart from your tour in Ontario and Quebec do you plan visiting USA and / or Europe in 2012 – 2013? How crucial is gigging for a band nowadays?

Matt McGachy: I am really looking forward to touring the new album. As of right now, we have Loud Park 2012 in Japan, as well as you mentioned a few shows in Canada (Ontario and Quebec). We are currently in the process of looking at some tour offers for EU but we have nothing to confirm as of yet.

Dead Void Dreams:Any future plans for a new live album?

Matt McGachy: You never know, I personally would love to!

Dead Void Dreams: How did you come up with the idea of releasing on September 11th the 30-minute documentary 'Making of Cryptopsy'? What should the fans expect from the documentary?

Matt McGachy: We wanted to share ourselves throughout the entire process so we filmed everything. I would expect lots of studio footage, interviews and live jam footage as well.


Dead Void Dreams: As far as I know, the Canadian metal scene is very active, with a lot of bands, especially black metal bands. Can you tell us more about the "metal fever" in your country?

Matt McGachy: I think it's our cold winters, nothing to do but to stay inside get drunk and play metal!

Dead Void Dreams
: Yup, seems reasonable, especially with the NHL season on hold, ha-ha.What's next for the band?

Matt McGachy: Right now we need to focus on sharing our self-titled album with the world.

Dead Void Dreams
: I hope that we will have soon news from you about extensive Euro tour, that would be great! Thank you Matt for the interview!

Matt McGachy: Thanks, it was a pleasure.


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