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Pseudogod 'Deathwomb Catechesis' review

PSEUDOGOD 'Deathwomb Catechesis' (Hells Headbangers)

Listening to 'Deathwomb Catechesis' from Russia's Pseudogod it's hard to believe it's the bands debut release. Eight songs of bass,guitars heavy with equally heavy,fast pounding drums combined to make a very noisy,angry style and sound. But don't write the band off as just another death metal band as that would be a mistake. Just when you least expect it the band slows down to more controlled mid-paced death/doom style similar to older Incantation or Cianide, then speeds back up to the darkened,heavy style Pseudogod is crafting to perfection. The vocals are just as angry and heavy as the music itself,deep growls that add another layer to Pseudogod's already heavy sound. Fans who enjoy straight forward death metal with touches of old-school mixed in should not miss this album. (Patrick) Pseudogod at Hells Headbangers

Witchtrap 'Vengeance Is My Name' review

WITCHTRAP 'Vengeance Is My Name' (Hells Headbangers)

After six years of silence the masters of black/thrash'n roll return with a new release for all headbangers to bang their heads to. The band does the hard job of mixing old-school thrash/black metal but also mixes in some mid-paced rock'n roll guitars that are catchy and mixed very well in the bands metal style. The drummer does a good job keeping up with the changing tempos, going from faster beats to the more mid-pace rock styled ones, and the guys are always keeping the music tight and catchy which will keep the riffs,solos and beats in your head long after the CD is shut off. Vocals are old-school gruff,screams that you can understand what is being said. Fans of 1980's thrashy/speed black metal mixed with some rock influence will love Witchtrap and their latest metal gem.  (Patrick)
Witchtrap at Hells Headbangers Witchtrap Facebook

Ritual 'The Resurrection' review

RITUAL 'The Resurrection' (Funeral Rain Records)

After a long silence the US black metal band Ritual returns with a new release for the fans. Some of you might remember Ritual from their beginnings in the mid 90's ('The Summoning' 1995, 'Demonic Winter Metal' 1997 and 1998's 'Soldiers Under Satan's Command)...well present day,main man Ian Flemming (vocals,all instruments) returns with 'The Resurrection'. Ritual's music is definitely within the black metal genre but Ian is not afraid try and use some really well creative guitar structures to keep the listener's attention and to give each song a life of their own. Musically Ritual stays within the mid-paced almost doomish black metal specter and overall the newest release is a good one of quality black metal. Maybe not the most violent,extreme sounding band out there but still gets the point across. (Patrick)  Ritual MySpace

Profanatica 'Sickened By The Holy Host' review

PROFANATICA 'Sickened By The Holy Host/The Grand Master Session' (Hells Headbangers)

If you consider yourself a "fan" of raw,dirty and blasphemous black metal you will want to get this new double LP from the masters as soon as possible. This is not a new album from Profanatica but a double12 inch. The first side entitled 'Sickened By The Holy Host' includes 5 new tracks in the grim, Profanatica style at it's finest, among other re-recordings of past classic songs. The second side/part entitled 'The Grand Master Sessions' was originally recorded in 2008. The songs on this release are still grim and filthy but also seem to have a thrashy element within the thin guitars that cut through your speakers and eardrums like sharp knives. Fast drums that pummel your senses and keep your head banging to their rhythm. Truly demonic,sick blackened vocals spew out some of the most blasphemous lyrics ever written. Profanatica have stood the test of time through al…

Nunslaughter 'Hells Unholy Fire' review

NUNSLAUGHTER 'Hells Unholy Fire' (Hells Headbangers) 
Damn! Hells Headbangers have been busy this year releasing great,quality metal. This time re-releasing the legendary 'Hells Unholy Fire' originally released in 2000 this was the debut full-length (even though the band has countless bootlegs, EP's, demos etc.) from the band. I would guess most reading this have at least heard one release or one song from these guys but if no? Well then you are missing out! NUNSLAUGHTER embrace and embody all that made death metal great in the first place - mid-paced,heavy guitars with some catchy riffs/solos,drums are equally as catchy going from slower to mid-paced even moving to the fast paced for a few songs. And of course the sick growls. This era of death metal (early/mid 90's) is probably my favorite in the metal scene's history due to the fact that bands didn't try to out play each other with over the top complex,technical riffs or blast a million beats into one s…

Legions Of Crows 'Stab Me' review

LEGIONS OF CROWS 'Stab Me' (Funeral Rain Records)

This is a duo that mixes fuzzed out black metal and doom together. Musically the band keep it in the slow to mid-paced doom range. The band does have some faster black metal guitar moments but they are few and far between. The vocals use a lot of effects, which I am not a fan of, trying to create a darker, demonic effect on their voice (I assume) but doesn't really work for this band. In fact I think it hurts, as the music is OK but the vocals totally ruined this release for me. I do respect the band for trying to be creative or whatever but it failed pretty miserably on 'Stab Me'. Hopefully they will try a different approach on the next release. (Patrick) Legions Of Crows Facebook Legions Of Crows MySpace

Morta Skuld 'Through The Eyes Of Death' review

MORTA SKULD 'Through The Eyes Of Death' (Relapse Records)
It was kind of cool to see this show up in my mailbox. As soon as I read the band name it brought up memories of the early 90s death metal scene and me tape trading for Morta Skuld demos and shit. And no, just in case you were wondering as I did, Morta Skuld have not gotten back together (though I hear whispers of some reunion gigs). This is a compilation type release of both of their 1990 demo tapes combined on one disc. An interesting tidbit from the bio for you is the demos were produced by Death’s manager Eric Grief back in the day, he had recently finished working on the 'Spiritual Healing' album. The vocals especially on the second demo even remind me of Death a little bit. I am not sure how much work Relapse did with this as far as possibly remixing and I am sure remastering it. But the sound on here is absolutely fantastic, you can every bit of everything, loud and clear and crushingly heavy. I think people…

Harpoon 'Deception Among Birds' review

HARPOON 'Deception Among Birds' (Seventh Rule Recordings) Harpoon is a three piece band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. I immediately thought of the band Cavity when I hit play. Though Harpoon are far more polished sounding, more controlled and their use of feedback on the guitars is more subtle than those maniacs. The songs are well crafted and there is actually a lot going on, despite not sounding cluttered. The vocals of Toney Vast-Binder are harsh, pissed off sounding yells with a lot of conviction and energy put into the delivery. The pacing of the music is nice as well, it has some speed at times, but also is painfully slow and grinding sludge drone at other times, creating some nice dynamics and emotion. I was skeptical when I read they used a drum machine, but I must admit this is one of the finest examples of hiding that fact I have come across. 'Deception Among Birds' is the type of album that you will keep finding new nuances you missed previously upon repeated…

Entrench 'Inevitable Decay' review

ENTRENCH 'Inevitable Decay' (Abyss Records)
Entrench from Sweden play violent "classic" thrash metal. The band seems to be influenced mostly by the early German gods of yesterday. The musicians of Entrench have a lot of good musical ideas to keep the music both fresh and memorable while keeping the pure thrash sound and attack alive within Entrench's songs. Chaotic fast guitars that while being played at insane speeds also have some complex structures and solo's that are pulled off flawlessly. It seems their are a lot of thrash metal bands coming out of nowhere in the scene but Entrench have a lot of great ideas added within their thrash that makes this band definitely one to stand out and above the endless sea of others currently flooding the scene. Fans of intense, raging thrash definitely get a hold of Entrench's 'Inevitable Decay' today!! (Patrick) Entrench MySpace