Profanatica 'Sickened By The Holy Host' review

'Sickened By The Holy Host/The Grand Master Session'
(Hells Headbangers)

If you consider yourself a "fan" of raw,dirty and blasphemous black metal you will want to get this new double LP from the masters as soon as possible. This is not a new album from Profanatica but a double12 inch. The first side entitled 'Sickened By The Holy Host' includes 5 new tracks in the grim,
Profanatica style at it's finest, among other re-recordings of past classic songs. The second side/part entitled 'The Grand Master Sessions' was originally recorded in 2008. The songs on this release are still grim and filthy but also seem to have a thrashy element within the thin guitars that cut through your speakers and eardrums like sharp knives. Fast drums that pummel your senses and keep your head banging to their rhythm. Truly demonic,sick blackened vocals spew out some of the most blasphemous lyrics ever written. Profanatica have stood the test of time through all the trends and bullshit that infected the black metal scene over the years. Now get this great double LP and hear why!! Mandatory for fans of fans grim, filthy black metal from this legendary band.


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