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Coprostasis 'D.E.A.T.H.' review

COPROSTASIS 'Dirty Exterminating Arrogant Turbo Holocaust' (Self-released)
Ooh Crikey It's... The Return of the Fabulous (see what I did here?)Copromafia, aka Coprostasis. Having had the rather questionable honour of being one of the first bands I reviewed for this zine (here, scroll down a bit) the gang's latest album is yet another example of what's wrong with yours truly music tastes. Why, yes - I like it dirty and arrogant, and I like it when an album makes me giggle hysterically every now and then, whilst pouring down another beer in the belly. Yep, I'm talking about having fun times and those charming odes to necrophilia, violence and drug abuse are suiting that particular mood perfectly. Coprostasis' death metal has all the ingredients an old-school maniac would be digging - there's enough groove 'n grind, thrash-on-steroids intensity and punk/hardcore styled rawness. All you sickoids should immediately stop whatever you're doing right …

Forgjord 'Sielunvihollinen' review

FORGJORD 'Sielunvihollinen' (Hammer Of Hate Records)
I always look forward to a new promo pack from Hammer Of Hate - if there was a label that knows their violent black metal, it is them. This time the label unleashes FORGJORD's third release and what an assault on the senses. Cold, vicious and pure violent black metal just the way it is meant to be played. FORGJORD embrace the classic Finnish sound perfectly with harsh screechy vocals, raw razor-sharp guitars that will tear your soul apart with each riff and drums that are all over the place with mid-paced beats to more a furious barrage of blast beats. FORGJORD will not disappoint any of the bands long-time fans, or if you,like me, are new to the band but you enjoy cold,vicious Finnish black then this band's latest is a must have. (Patrick)

Nattfog 'Mustan Auringon Riitti' review

NATTFOG 'Mustan Auringon Riitti' (Hammer Of Hate Records)
Finland never ceases to amaze me with it's never-ending sea of great bands whether it is the traditional, hateful black metal or more atmospheric blackened death, it is mostly always good. Well, you can now add NATTFOG to this ever growing long list of bands. NATTFOG is a duo creating - what else? - cold, grim and harsh black metal. The songs are fairly long for this style of music though ranging from 3 minutes up to 9 minutes, but the band members are good enough song-writers and musicians ; they can make the songs a little long but it never gets boring to my ears. Raw, primitive production and harsh mid-paced raw guitars, with some killer drumming along with some well-done sick, violent black metal shrieks. Fans of SARGEIST, HORNA etc. will love NATTFOG, so definitely give this a chance. (Patrick) Nattfog at MySpace

Pestilential Shadows 'Depths' review

PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS 'Depths' (Seance Records)
Australia's Pestilential Shadows continue their journey of creating and releasing quality, great black metal on their newest release, 'Depths'. Pestilential Shadows do play the classic black metal style with plenty of violent and unrelenting music, but the band also adds a certain element of atmospheric black metal within their sound to give the band a very unique and original sound. They are one of the bands I can think of that can mix in "atmosphere" to their music without compromising the violent,straight forward black metal sound. If you enjoy original, straight-forward black metal then Pestilential Shadows has created a masterpiece. (Patrick)
Pestilential Shadows Facebook

Black Crow King 'To Pay The Debt Of Nature' review

BLACK CROW KING 'To Pay The Debt Of Nature' (badGod Music)

Black Crow King is the vision of Corvus (vocals, all instruments) and the music is a nice blend of blackened doom with some experimental, and sludge doom moments mixed in. Usually you would not think these styles would work together but Corvus does a good job mixing them in and creating a dark, and sometimes eerie/creepy atmosphere. Vocals are a natural fit to Black Crow King's music, with harsh, spoken word style vocals. I think Black Crow King have a good future for itself in the experimental black metal scene, so if you enjoy blackened doom that is creative and not afraid to add other genres within their sound you will enjoy this a lot. (Patrick) (The band was named after the Nick Cave's tune, I'd presume? Now that's the way to my heart, if I actually still had one ;) - ED) Black Crow King at Bandcamp

Azaghal 'Nemesis' review

AZAGHAL 'Nemesis' (Moribund)
Legendary Finnish black metallers return with their ninth masterpiece of blackness. That is something any band should be proud of in this day, considering most bands either break-up or completely change musical direction over the years. But not Azaghal, they continue on with their brand of hateful,violent Finnish black metal. Fast, furious razor sharp guitars, blasting drums and vicious demonic screams combined together to create the cold atmosphere that is Azaghal. Not a lot more can be said about Azaghal - you either love this style of pure, cold black metal or you hate it. But I can not think of any other band does it better than Azaghal. (Patrick)
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Deathhammer 'Onward To The Pits' review

DEATHHAMMER 'Onward To The Pits' (Hells Headbangers)
From the opening riff of 'Onward..' it is obvious the members of Deathhammer are influenced by the classic black/thrash sounds of the mid 80's/early 90's. With the aggressive, whirlwind guitars mixed with the drummers aggressive blasts of fury, the band does draw from their influences but without being a total clone band. There is enough originality and well-thought out guitar patterns to keep the old-school fanatics happy without having to rip-off any one elder god band or certain country from the golden era of speed/thrash metal. If you crave chaotic,insane blackened speed metal then look no further. Deathhammer is here to crush all.
(Patrick) ('Onward To The Pits' is one heluva album! This is a fuckin' nuclear power plant of viciously ripping thrash and menacing black metal that's due to annihilate at any given listen. Deathhammer rank up high on my list alongside Aura Noir for wrecking musica…

Ominous Crucifix 'The Spell Of Damnation' review

OMINOUS CRUCIFIX 'The Spell Of Damnation' (FDA Recotz)
'The Spell Of Damnation' is the creation of Mexico's Ominous Crucifix. To be truthful I had my doubts for this band and release, due to the massive amounts of bands that are playing and releasing old-school styled death metal the last few years. But Ominous Crucifix are really good and can be, and should be, added to the list of bands that are doing the old-school gods right, by playing and producing quality well-played death metal. Heavy, thick mid-paced guitars and bass, deep growls spew out the lyrics. Ominous Crucifix have done a good job of creating old-school death metal that is enjoyable and memorable. (Patrick)  Ominous Crucifix at Facebook
<p><p><a href="">The Spell Of Damnation (2012) by Omino…

Hellvetron 'Death Scroll...' review

HELLVETRON 'Death Scroll Of The Seven Hells And Its Infernal Majesties' (Hells Headbangers)
This is a new band to my ears, and it's not a bad listen at all. HELLVETRON play a very dark, heavy mix of early 90's death/doom with slow pounding drums and crushing guitar chords. HELLVETRON kind of remind of SKEPTICISM, dISEMBOWELMENT etc. to give you some idea of their sound. There is a very dark atmosphere intertwined within the death/doom to kind of give it a black,dark metal atmopshere. Vocals are deep, slow almost talking like vocals that fit perfect with the slow, bleak music. HELLVETRON are definitely not for every metal fan out there but if you enjoy bands like dISEMBOWELMENT, or slow death/doom they might be your cup of tea. (Patrick) Hellvetron at Hells Headbangers

The Stone 'Golet' review

THE STONE 'Golet' (Folter Records)
One of Serbia's most well respected and known bands return with their best release to date! 'Golet' is the latest release from THE STONE and shows the band still creating complex, uncompromising and above all original black metal. The band's sound is firmly set in the roots of black metal but is very hard to pin point a certain band they sound similar to. The songs are mid-paced range but do speed up but usually move back and forth between mid-range and fast as hell black metal keeping the listener interested as to what the band will do next. The band keeps their production somewhere in the middle not the most crystal clear sounding band (personally black metal should never sound like this to me) but it also does not have a real primitive, rehearsal type of sound like so many of the early bands of the genre had. THE STONE has been going strong since the mid 90's and one listen to their latest release, 'Golet', you wil…

Interview with Nornagest of Enthroned

Belgian blasphemers ENTHRONED are releasing their ninth full-length album, 'Obsidium' this following week and our contributor Patrick did an interview with band's vocalist/guitarist Nornagest. This chat first appeared on Patrick's own Winter Torment Zine and now he has given me the permission of posting it on my site as well. We're all in this together, aren't we?
Horns up.

Hails Nornagest, thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. Please introduce yourself to the readers who might not be familiar with you or ENTHRONED.

I am Nornagest vocalist, lead guitar player and song writer of ENTHRONED. ENTHRONED has been performing black metal in the pure sense of the word for 20 years now and we are ready to release our 9th album 'Obsidium' on Agonia Records on April 10th in the US. (March 20th for the European version - ED)
When did you all first meet? When did you get the idea to form ENTHRONED? How would you describe ENTHRONED's music to the r…

Fortress 'Modern Day Society' review

FORTRESS 'Modern Day Society' (Thrashing Madness Records)
Thankfully, that 'thrash revival' wave seems to be largely over by now and you can bet I'm fucking glad about that. I'm not against guys having fun and chugging down beers, a good party is a must obviously, it was just that the music and the zombie-themed lyrics simply didn't made a lasting impact on me. FORTRESS neither made one to a full extent as well, but there's some real promise in this band and I'd like to see if the Polish lot would be able to hone their craft on the future offerings. These eight tracks are well-composed and played with real flair, they know what good, hefty, non-Pantera type, groove is and when to use it, the guitar work is tasty, with some nice soloing that's not simply slapped over for the sake of it, and the rhythm section holds their end pretty well. The vocals are near perfect too and are the reason I'm constantly reminded of good ole OVERKILL whilst listen…

Fester 'A Celebration Of Death' review

FESTER 'A Celebration Of Death' (Abyss Records)

A very powerful production of the Norwegian band Fester. Doom metal riffs and death metal growls in this savagery art performance,there are a few changes in the riffs but the tracks are constructed very well, it keeps your attention until the end of the CD. The guitar sound is awesome, nasty and raw along with the the vocals, in fact that match with the band's sound, the production has paid attention to the guitars so that offer a very solid sound. In general this album left me a very good taste and I think it's worth listening to it. Another great release of Abyss Records!  (Paul Caravasi)
Fester at ReverbNation