Ominous Crucifix 'The Spell Of Damnation' review

'The Spell Of Damnation'
(FDA Recotz)

'The Spell Of Damnation' is the creation of Mexico's Ominous Crucifix. To be truthful I had my doubts for this band and release, due to the massive amounts of bands that are playing and releasing old-school styled death metal the last few years. But
Ominous Crucifix are really good and can be, and should be, added to the list of bands that are doing the old-school gods right, by playing and producing quality well-played death metal. Heavy, thick mid-paced guitars and bass, deep growls spew out the lyrics. Ominous Crucifix have done a good job of creating old-school death metal that is enjoyable and memorable.


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