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Guilty As Sin - 'Psychotronic' 

 Haemoth - 'In Nomine Odium' 
Haeresiarchs Of Dis - 'Denuntiatus Cinis'
Haiduk - 'Spellbook'
Hallig - '13 Keys To Lunacy'
Hammer Fight - 'Hammer Fight'  
Hands Of Orlac - 'Hands Of Orlac'  
Harpoon - 'Deception Among Birds' 
Hat - 'Vortex Of Death
Heavy Cross - 'Street Wolf'
Heavy Lord - 'Balls To All'
Hellbringer - 'Dominion Of Darkness'
Hellterror - 'Reality...' 
Hellvetron - 'Death Scroll Of The Seven Hells And Its Infernal Majesties' 
Hellwell - 'Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin'
Helvetets Port - 'Man With The Chains' 
Humangled - 'Odd Ethics' 
Hunter's Ground - 'No God But The Wild'
Hypnosia - 'Horror Infernal'

Liquid Graveyard - 'The Fifth Time I Died' 
Loathsome - 'Born From Rot'
Lunar Aurora - 'Hoagascht'

NunSlaughter - 'Demons Congeries Vol.I'

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