Infernal Legion 'The Spear Of Longinus' review

'The Spear Of Longinus'

Moribund Rec. is not really known for signing and releasing death metal bands, but the few I have heard off the label have always had a certain dark aura and powerful sound within their musical approach.
Well, the U.S. Infernal Legion carry the torch high. After a six year hiatus the band returns with the massive 'The Spear Of Longinus', nine tracks of guitar, bass heavy death metal. The band is not insanely hyper-speed fast or interested in being the most guitar-technical band like so many in today's scene. Instead
Infernal Legion play mid-tempo heavy death metal. No melodies, no harmonies, no breaks - just pure death metal. The vocals are extremely heavy, deep growls and fit nicely with the band's musical style. If you are a fan of old-school death or if you remember Infernal Legion's earlier releases then you will want to pick this release up as soon as possible. Death metal fans will not be disappointed.
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