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Dead Void Dreams - June 2011, Vol. II

INTROPHYLAXE Once again Dead Void Dreams was updated on time. Seem as my plan to publish twice a month bears fruit, which I like.  Yet again we've only reviews written, hopefully I can get my shit together and finally complete and send those interviews I've planned for quite some time now. I bet Asen feels gutted that Stefan Kaufman didn't yet managed to answer the one he send him...we'll see what the future brings on that front. Support the bands and leave your comments, critics and suggestions. That' s all it takes. Horns up, Vladimir Petrov

Procession 'Destroyers Of The Faith' review

PROCESSION 'Destroyers Of The Faith' (Doomentia Records / High Roller Records)
During the last decade my doom appreciation gene mutated to gigantic proportions, and I've found as the years are passing by I'm becoming a disciple more and more. I mean, Candlemass has always been there for me since my teen days, but I prioritized differently and immersed myself with various other genres, mainly the faster paced ones, but always kept my ears to the ground for some slow and low music as well. This paid off real well as the genre, in its different stylistics, proved to have more long lasting impact than various juvenile pastimes. Procession's traditional take on doom is sound for sore ears, as the music twists and unfolds while lurking in the listener's mind, taking the addiction to dangerously high levels. People who say this is bad aren't listening. Felipe Plaza's guitar riffs set the tone by weaving spells of despair and glimmering hope, which is perfectly m…

Black Witchery 'Inferno Of Sacred Destruction' review

BLACK WITCHERY 'Inferno Of Sacred Destruction' (Hells Headbangers Records)

I feel a lengthy review would be inappropriate for this band and their trademarked brand of sonic annihilation. By now everyone should know what's to be expected of Black Witchery and here they're once again to conquer, manipulate and destroy all alleged sanity in the listener. In case your opinion on this band derives around the lows of 'a joke that went too far', well the joke is on you really and the least we hear from you talking about BLACK metal, the merer. Good riddance I say. Go lick your God's asshole in eternity. 'Inferno Of Sacred Destruction' is the sound of Satanic war incarnate, an onslaught of absolute musical barbarity that shows no mercy – this is the raison d'etre of Black Witchery displayed in 22 raging, battering your skull in, minutes. And that's my only minor grip,as this is probably the shortest full length there is in existence. This, and the fac…

Ram 'Under The Scythe' review

'Under The Scythe' 7'' (High Roller Records) Another little gem from High Roller here. The EP features the title song and a cover version of Mercyful Fate's classic 'Evil', with Hellbutcher from Nifelheim making cameo appearance for that one. I don't know how incentive this might be for purchasing, but I reckon those who hold Ram's take on traditional heavy metal in high regard would like to invest. Judging by some reactions there's a healthy faction of people who dig the band, and deservedly so I hasten to add. 'Under The Scythe' is mainly fast paced number with galloping riffs galore and a catchy sing-along chorus that works wonders with its youthful energy. It certainly takes big balls to cover any song by the Fate, but the guys soldiered on and deliver a reasonably good take here. Some impressive guitar solos on both tracks too. Good job overall, mates. [7]  Ram My Space

Liquid Graveyard 'The Fifth Time I Died' review

LIQUID GRAVEYARD 'The Fifth Time I Died' (Rising Records) Liquid Graveyard have every right to appear pissed off and angry – the label's site doesn't plain mention 'The Fifth Time I Died' has already been released for some time now, and there's a misprint omitting the title track's lyric in the booklet to boot! But these guys, and a gal, appear to be real cool sports. So much so that they'd be cool enough with my review of their previous album to personally send me the new CD for another write up. Thanks for that Raquel, really appreciated. Another thing I like about this band is their willingness to go their own way musically, even though this is probably just a bit too slick sounding for my demented brain. There's some rawness here as well, which could be attested to the vocal style used by John Walker that nicely compliments the main vocals of Raquel. Her vocals are well varied and as you could guess, some of those styles work better than other…

Masada 'Suffer Mental Decay' review

MASADA 'Suffer Mental Decay' demo
Now this is reminiscent to those old demo days in more than one way. Masada give us only two songs that clock at just over six and a half minutes total, which brought back memories of all those countless promos/demos I still have on tape from days past. There are differences caused by the time and age we are living in as well – one can simply download this for free from Masada's bandcamp page and the members are far from being some local weirdos in their mid to late teens. Except for the founder member Chris Milewski's quite obscure music history prior to this one, the rest of the band are musicians with whose work most metal fiends should be familiar with: vocalist is Cazz Grant from Crucifier, the drummer Craig Smilowski is best known for his savage work on Immolation's 'Dawn Of Possession' and 'Here In After', both my personal faves of that band, and the Rellik's bassist Matt Dwyer. Granted, not exactly house…

Alastor 'Demon Attack' review

ALASTOR 'Demon Attack' (War Productions)
We metalheads are such a strange bunch of misfits. For the most part we all appear scary and gruesome but in fact we are those nice guys minding their own business. And yes, we are misanthropic, but that's pretty inaccurate while our collective party button is switched on. Everyone could attest some mind-blowing, offensive, funny or whatever stories related to the subject of partying with the gang, right? So, allow Alastor to be the soundtrack to the boozed up nights and morning afters that lie ahead then. Thrashing black rage, dirty sounding and completely drenched in the oh-so-familiar FOAD (non) ethic, the Portuguese band delivers, and then some. I've long been admirer of Decayed, so I'm more than thrilled to finally immerse myself with another of the projects by main man JA. Never particularly liked much that easily thrown around 'die hard' tag, but I suppose this time its use is well justified here. The music of Al…

Abaddon Incarnate 'Promo' review

ABADDON INCARNATE 'Promo' I should properly kick myself, in a classic Roy Keane-style, in the ball-sack for waiting years and years before checking the music of this Irish band! Yes, I can be pretty foolish occasionally, and now I envy all of you who own Abaddon Incarnate's back cataloque. Fuckers. That above statement is supposedly even more impressive if we've to consider that I've listened to only three Abaddon Incarnate tunes. The promo tracks I got from the band represent their side of the split 7'' with Phobia, that has been released in February by Underground Movement, out of Dublin. Masterfully written and produced, tightly performed, ultra intense and extremely memorable grind – these guys have ticked all the right boxes and clearly belong to the upper echelon of their chosen genre. Hardly surprising really, as the chaps have been in the game for quite some time now and as anyone should realize – genuine integrity and extensive rehearsing do pay …

Pandemonium 'Promo 2010' review

'Promo 2010' (Godz Ov War Productions)
Pandemonium's history is a bit too complicated to go into detail here, suffice to say that the band is active once again now and a new album is to be released on Pagan Records this fall. In 2010 Godz O War celebrated the band's 20thanniversary by releasing Pandemonium's debut 1992 demo 'Devilri' on vinyl, including this here promo disc for free with all orders. A cool touch definitely, especially taking in consideration that next to the two audio tracks ('Black Forest' and 'God Delusion') this also includes some live videos of the band. The accompanying flyer do suggests to file the music under 'Satanic dark metal', which might be somewhat appropriate given the image they're projecting, but I need to hear more to be fully convinced. Neither of those tracks really grabbed my full attention, yet there's some good guitar harmonies and intricate drumming to be spotted, plus the band…

Black Hammer 'The Horror' review

BLACK HAMMER 'The Horror' demo cassette (Impious Desecration Records)

I can't recall the last time I was sent a tape in the mail, but here it is – the debut demo of the one-man entity named Black Hammer. Information about this band, and its creator J.K., is as scarce as it gets, which is no small feat in itself in this day and age. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, since the music here has successfully replaced the alleged need of triumphant press releases, or annoying Internet 'buzz'. Refreshingly enough, this is not the lo-fi black/pagan metal that the majority of those one-man bands mostly seem to specialize in, what's on offer here instead is fully drenched in that raw as fuck, balls-to-the-fukkin-wall, metal/punk hybrid style of old. J.K. has undoubtedly realized that keeping things simple is the way to go with this particular style, allowing the catchy riffs to lead the listener through these five songs, nicely supported by the head-banging tempos and…

Thunderblast 'Invaders From another World' review

THUNDERBLAST 'Invaders From Another World' (Pure Steel Records)

Colombian power metal? You better bet it is! And really solid sounding one at that – powerful and uncompromising music, which borrows from the best traditions of both the German and the US scenes. 'Core Domain' is the perfect opener – a real metal anthem – speed and melody combined with harmonic guitar solos and catchy choruses. The rest of the album continues in similar vein, featuring not only fast tracks but some mid-tempo one as well, the latter of which are borderline thrash ('When Zombies Rise'), which is another thing Thunderblast have in common with the heavier specter of the US power metal. The press release compares the band to Iced Earth but in my opinion they sound more akin to German bands such as Rage and Brainstorm, with a tinny little dose of Tankard added. Unlike Rage, however, Thunderblast's music appear to be more all around encompassing and homogeneous, possibly due to the good…

Everwhere 'One By One...Dead' review

EVERWHERE 'One By One...Dead' (Self-released)
What we have here is a band that fights for its place under the sun, with some demos and two EPs to their credit. This one is the more recent of the pair, self-described as death/thrash by the band. A fitting description, as the music is pure thrash, influenced probably by the early works of Slayer and Forbidden, with some of the vocals they've used applying to the death metal tag. Personally speaking, I find the songs here sounding a bit 'samey' , even though there's a good deal of riffs, melodic solos and tempo variations here. My personal favourite off the five tracks presented was 'And I Burst', hopefully we would hear more of this kind of songs  in future from Everwhere. [7] (Asen Asenov)


Quintessence Mystica 'The Fifth Harmonic Of Death' review

QUINTESSENCE MYSTICA 'The Fifth Harmonic Of Death' (Schwarzdorn)
Master Alafern (who participates in other Ukrainian bands such as Thundercraft, Svyatogor and Triglav) is the mastermind behind this project, playing all the instruments and supplying additional vocals to those sung by the sole other member here, Dromos Aniliagos. The guys incorporate the violin in their songs, which is rare for the style, unlike the use of keyboards, which are also present being embraced by such bands for quite some time now. Quintessence Mystica play symphonic black metal, taking their main dose of inspiration from various Scandinavian bands, Dimmu Borgir and Emperor appearing to be the most obvious ones. The black metal maelstrom starts right off the bat with the sinister,zealous sounding track 'Vector Space Of Desires', and in the third song, 'Aspects Of Contemplation', we are introduced to the wailing, tragic, sound of the violin that's used for the rest of the album. Thre…

Balfor 'Barbaric Blood' review

'Barbaric Blood' (Pulverised Records)
One can't deny the quality of the music offered by this Ukrainian band, thus the label's support to them is easily justified. What we have is a band whose vibe does resemble, more or less, that of Immortal, nothing wrong with that as Balfor aren't cheap copycats either – this is strong and powerful black metal as dictated by the legacy of the  Scandinavia's top-tiers . Various other influences can be found as well, for example 'In A Thunder Of Ancient Glory' one is reminded of Emperor's grandeur ('IX Equilibrium' era), while for 'Kingdom's Blood' the tempo is slowed down, giving a scent of doom to the listener. Balfor have the opportunity open to explore their unique path on the albums that lie ahead for them. [7,5] (Asen Asenov)

Zuul 'Howl Of The Wolf' review

ZUUL 'Howl Of The Wolf' 7'' (High Roller Records) I have only the digital promo of this, so can't really comment on the possible beauty of the vinyl and the packaging, but I know that the 7'' is limited to 1000 copies. The important question is, however, are Zuul any good? And here your humble (hmm) reviewer, with a smirk on his face, do answers with 'Yes, they're good. Real good'. There's something really admirable in the music these guys are cranking up here, something that folks devoted to heavy metal for years and years will probably find bloody appealing. Yes, I'm talking about highly energized playing, ridiculously catchy riffage and stunningly memorable choruses – basically the things that first made me fell in love with the genre back in the day. God, me getting back into that air-guitar playing thingy again? Yep, that's how I feel while listening to these two tracks ('Howl Of The Wolf' and 'Skull Splitter'), …

Dead Void Dreams - June 2011, Vol I

So, here it is – the first of the numerous (knock on wood!) regular updates for this webzine. [Note: That was a bad idea and was rejected later. Little did I know at the time that posting reviews together is an awfully stupid move. - ED] There's nothing much to say right now, everything is here on your screen. Check out the reviews we've prepared for you, check out the bands that may be up your alley and leave a comment or two. I've been hellishly busy as of lately, so all the reviews were written by Asen Asenov and these are his first, and hopefully far from last, contributions to the zine. I promise I'll join him on Vol II of the June update with a collection of ill-natured, badly scribed and outstandingly informative reviews. Eventually. During the course of the recent months My Space went down the drain, I'll try and provide other alternatives when giving links to the featured bands, when possible. Hell, you all can google the damn name yourselves in …