Black Witchery 'Inferno Of Sacred Destruction' review

'Inferno Of Sacred Destruction'
(Hells Headbangers Records)

I feel a lengthy review would be inappropriate for this band and their trademarked brand of sonic annihilation. By now everyone should know what's to be expected of Black Witchery and here they're once again to conquer, manipulate and destroy all alleged sanity in the listener. In case your opinion on this band derives around the lows of 'a joke that went too far', well the joke is on you really and the least we hear from you talking about BLACK metal, the merer. Good riddance I say. Go lick your God's asshole in eternity. 'Inferno Of Sacred Destruction' is the sound of Satanic war incarnate, an onslaught of absolute musical barbarity that shows no mercy – this is the raison d'etre of Black Witchery displayed in 22 raging, battering your skull in, minutes. And that's my only minor grip,as this is probably the shortest full length there is in existence. This, and the fact that I feel gutted to never seen the band live yet. [9] 
(Vladimir Petrov) 
(The album is available both on vinyl and CD+DVD) 



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