Ram 'Under The Scythe' review

'Under The Scythe' 7''
(High Roller Records)
Another little gem from High Roller here. The EP features the title song and a cover version of Mercyful Fate's classic 'Evil', with Hellbutcher from Nifelheim making cameo appearance for that one. I don't know how incentive this might be for purchasing, but I reckon those who hold Ram's take on traditional heavy metal in high regard would like to invest. Judging by some reactions there's a healthy faction of people who dig the band, and deservedly so I hasten to add. 'Under The Scythe' is mainly fast paced number with galloping riffs galore and a catchy sing-along chorus that works wonders with its youthful energy. It certainly takes big balls to cover any song by the Fate, but the guys soldiered on and deliver a reasonably good take here. Some impressive guitar solos on both tracks too. Good job overall, mates. [7] 


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