Liquid Graveyard 'The Fifth Time I Died' review

'The Fifth Time I Died'
(Rising Records)
Liquid Graveyard have every right to appear pissed off and angry – the label's site doesn't plain mention 'The Fifth Time I Died' has already been released for some time now, and there's a misprint omitting the title track's lyric in the booklet to boot! But these guys, and a gal, appear to be real cool sports. So much so that they'd be cool enough with my review of their previous album to personally send me the new CD for another write up. Thanks for that Raquel, really appreciated. Another thing I like about this band is their willingness to go their own way musically, even though this is probably just a bit too slick sounding for my demented brain. There's some rawness here as well, which could be attested to the vocal style used by John Walker that nicely compliments the main vocals of Raquel. Her vocals are well varied and as you could guess, some of those styles work better than others, making this really an acquired taste issue. The best bit about the band is still the guitar work of Mr. Walker, he never seems like overdoing his playing, and there's just the right amount of small licks and pieces added to assure the catchy vibe of the riffs. Liquid Graveyard sound good enough and I'll file them under my personal 'guilty pleasure' list of bands that have their roots in death metal, but aren't really fitting the term in all fairness, being kinda experimental and modern sounding to these ears. [6,5]


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