Masada 'Suffer Mental Decay' review

'Suffer Mental Decay' demo

Now this is reminiscent to those old demo days in more than one way. Masada give us only two songs that clock at just over six and a half minutes total, which brought back memories of all those countless promos/demos I still have on tape from days past. There are differences caused by the time and age we are living in as well – one can simply download this for free from Masada's bandcamp page and the members are far from being some local weirdos in their mid to late teens. Except for the founder member Chris Milewski's quite obscure music history prior to this one, the rest of the band are musicians with whose work most metal fiends should be familiar with: vocalist is Cazz Grant from Crucifier, the drummer Craig Smilowski is best known for his savage work on Immolation's 'Dawn Of Possession' and 'Here In After', both my personal faves of that band, and the Rellik's bassist Matt Dwyer. Granted, not exactly household names for the uninitiated, but good starting point and reference of what's to be expected of Masada for those in the know. And what we've here is death metal, that's enriched by some quirky guitar work, Cazz' gravely vocal tone and the equally as menacing rhythm section. Hell, give this a quick download to investigate further into this band, what could you possibly lose by clicking on that damn link below? I can only hope we won't need six more years between 'Suffer Mental Decay' and its successor. [7]


  1. You know it brother - we want MORE NOW! HEHEHE

  2. You stand absolutely correct, Alan! Cheers man! How's the winter down there,ha-ha?


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