Alastor 'Demon Attack' review

'Demon Attack'
(War Productions)

We metalheads are such a strange bunch of misfits. For the most part we all appear scary and gruesome but in fact we are those nice guys minding their own business. And yes, we are misanthropic, but that's pretty inaccurate while our collective party button is switched on. Everyone could attest some mind-blowing, offensive, funny or whatever stories related to the subject of partying with the gang, right? So, allow Alastor to be the soundtrack to the boozed up nights and morning afters that lie ahead then. Thrashing black rage, dirty sounding and completely drenched in the oh-so-familiar FOAD (non) ethic, the Portuguese band delivers, and then some. I've long been admirer of Decayed, so I'm more than thrilled to finally immerse myself with another of the projects by main man JA. Never particularly liked much that easily thrown around 'die hard' tag, but I suppose this time its use is well justified here. The music of Alastor might be well described as a trip down the memory lane, and while the more confused folks would use that pejoratively, those who have made a sworn pledged in the name of beer drinking and hell-raising would get quite a kick from this album. I can spot, from right here in my chair, heads banging, beer flowing and horns rising over the world, whilst maniacs are listening to these tunes. What is also good is that one gets two albums for the price of one, as the CD includes not only the more recent 'Demon Attack', but has the added bonus of Alastor's 1996 debut 'Gates Of Darkness' as well. And yeah, Motley Crue is definitely a band that deserve some respect, I knew I couldn't be the only one who was thinking like this... [8,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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