Abaddon Incarnate 'Promo' review

I should properly kick myself, in a classic Roy Keane-style, in the ball-sack for waiting years and years before checking the music of this Irish band! Yes, I can be pretty foolish occasionally, and now I envy all of you who own Abaddon Incarnate's back cataloque. Fuckers. That above statement is supposedly even more impressive if we've to consider that I've listened to only three Abaddon Incarnate tunes. The promo tracks I got from the band represent their side of the split 7'' with Phobia, that has been released in February by Underground Movement, out of Dublin. Masterfully written and produced, tightly performed, ultra intense and extremely memorable grind – these guys have ticked all the right boxes and clearly belong to the upper echelon of their chosen genre. Hardly surprising really, as the chaps have been in the game for quite some time now and as anyone should realize – genuine integrity and extensive rehearsing do pay off. I can't be arsed to give perfect rating nowadays, and I haven't heard the Phobia part of the split, but this stuff alone earns a well deserved [9].
(Vladimir Petrov)


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