Pandemonium 'Promo 2010' review

'Promo 2010'
(Godz Ov War Productions)
Pandemonium's history is a bit too complicated to go into detail here, suffice to say that the band is active once again now and a new album is to be released on Pagan Records this fall. In 2010 Godz O War celebrated the band's 20th anniversary by releasing Pandemonium's debut 1992 demo 'Devilri' on vinyl, including this here promo disc for free with all orders. A cool touch definitely, especially taking in consideration that next to the two audio tracks ('Black Forest' and 'God Delusion') this also includes some live videos of the band. The accompanying flyer do suggests to file the music under 'Satanic dark metal', which might be somewhat appropriate given the image they're projecting, but I need to hear more to be fully convinced. Neither of those tracks really grabbed my full attention, yet there's some good guitar harmonies and intricate drumming to be spotted, plus the band seem to have some interesting ideas how to unfold these mid-tempo tracks. Probably my biggest grip are the vocals, they are just 'there' for me, failing to achieve real lasting impact on the listener. Still, I wouldn't dismiss Pandemonium before hearing the planned 'Misanthropy' album, as the professional approach of this Polish act is out of question. Time shall tell, I reckon. [6]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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