Black Hammer 'The Horror' review

'The Horror' demo cassette
(Impious Desecration Records)

I can't recall the last time I was sent a tape in the mail, but here it is – the debut demo of the one-man entity named Black Hammer. Information about this band, and its creator J.K., is as scarce as it gets, which is no small feat in itself in this day and age. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, since the music here has successfully replaced the alleged need of triumphant press releases, or annoying Internet 'buzz'. Refreshingly enough, this is not the lo-fi black/pagan metal that the majority of those one-man bands mostly seem to specialize in, what's on offer here instead is fully drenched in that raw as fuck, balls-to-the-fukkin-wall, metal/punk hybrid style of old. J.K. has undoubtedly realized that keeping things simple is the way to go with this particular style, allowing the catchy riffs to lead the listener through these five songs, nicely supported by the head-banging tempos and the caustic vocals. 'The Horror' is a promising declaration of that aggressive 'Fuck The World' mentality that goes hand in hand with the more abrasive side of thrash metal (think early Destruction and Sodom), the dirty and sick bits of Venom and Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, plus the kind of general disdain proclaimed by the likes of GBH or The Exploited. I'd much prefer listening to this demo and band instead of the umpteenth act trying (in vain) to explore their inner self, or some other inane crap of this ilk. While not technically or production-wise perfect, Black Hammer is still a good addition to the collections of those who need their music rude and not related to current trends. Only 300 were made of this demo, so ask for yours. [6,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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