NunSlaughter 'Devils Congeries Vol.I' review

NUNSLAUGHTER Devils Congeries Vol. I Hells Headbangers

By now everybody and his dog should know what NunSlaughter stands for – death metal, cooked in Satan's very own kitchen, using the right ingredients from the glorious '80s. Timeless, not outdated ingredients, mind you. Apparently this 58-song double CD here is first in a Herculean task of offering all vinyl EPs ever released by the band (tons upon tons of those exist, don't you know?) on shiny little silver discs.
Vol. I is jam-packed with poisoned tunes from various splits and EPs of all sorts – studio, live and rehearsal and you would be hard pressed finding a dirtier, uglier or more Jesus-bashing package elsewhere. You dig the sound of Repulsion, Master or Slaughter? Of course you do! NunSlaughter combine all that and more in their tunes, and filter those influences through a pile of unwashed priest's robes covered in filth, spunk and virgin's blood. And there's no end in sight. Bon appetite! 8 / 10

ORDER FROM CHAOS set release date for long-awaited NUCLEAR WAR NOW! discography boxset

Nuclear War Now! Productions sets November 25th as the international release date for Order From Chaos' long-awaited Frozen in Steel vinyl-discography boxset. It is a nearly axiomatic principle that the most truly important artists tend to be overlooked or at least do not obtain the full extent of their deserved accolades during the time they produce their greatest work. Even in the context of underground metal, this principle is too often proven accurate. Such is the case with Order From Chaos. During the short span of the band’s existence, Order From Chaos garnered emphatic support from a relatively small faction of the underground, but went largely unnoticed by the scene at large. As time passed, however, the scene began to catch up with Order From Chaos and their albums attained their well-deserved canonical stature.

Shortly after the three Kansas City, MO teenagers – Pete Helmkamp, Chuck Keller, and Mike Miller – united to form Order From Chaos in 1987, they clarified…

Abigor 'Supreme And Immortal Is The Art Of The Devil' review

ABIGOR Supreme And Immortal Is The Art Of The Devil EP Avantgarde Music
Press releases can be little funny bastards, more often than not. Case in point: Avantgarde's Abigor one. No matter what words you would want to use, it's crystal clear those 2 songs are remnants of a failed project from 1997, and all possible 2013 tweaking, re-mixing and newly recorded vocal lines couldn't help turning those from turd to gold.
Right, Silenius is back on the vocal duties. Big deal - those vocals largely fall flat, much in the same vein when Bethlehem tried something similar. The music pretty much epitomizes what was wrong with the more “advanced” and “experimental” (quasi-/ex-) black metal bands in the second part of the '90s: No soul, heart or real dark passion is present. Stiff, in a word. Layered with synths overpowering the thin sounding guitars. Anemic, pseudo-industrial drumming. You know the drill.
At any rate, Abigor (Who, in 20 years, I've never heard anyone, fellow metalhe…

Funest 'Demo 2013' review

FUNEST Demo 2013 Unholy Domain Records / Eternal Tombs Records
Let me assure you there's no shortage of bands and labels firing digital promos my way, and often I'm in shudders when the time comes for the weekly ritual of downloading files and unzipping folders. In shudders, because some of those promos are total duds I don't have much / any use of – and for some reason big percentage of those come either from bands with strange monikers, or from Italy, or both.  Well, Funest fall in the latter category, but for once it was worth the trouble. Solidly played and produced, crunchy, no ifs and buts, fast-paced death metal, which, as the press sheet confirms, owes much to the glory days of Swedish bands such as Nihilist, Grave and Dismember / Carnage for its sheer straightforwardness and catchiness. Right, this is a stroll into a familiar territory for most of us, but a pleasant one for sure, with ripping guitars, Estby-esque drumming and low, barking vocals, so I'm all for it…

Shitfucker 'Suck Cocks In Hell' review

SHITFUCKER Suck Cocks In Hell Hells Headbangers
Hells Headbangers is one of the pillars of the scene and I'm digging the hell of most of their releases, but Shitfucker stand out as a sore thumb. A sinister mutant offspring of Venom and GG Allin this is not, if that was the intention. What it is, however, is an anti-elaborated mixture of simplistic primitive metal, raw and sloppy punk rhythms and something that supposedly should be passing for infernal rock'n'roll, yet there's very little substance to the tunes that might give you the urge playing the album more than couple of times.
There's no accounting in taste, true, yet when 7 non-lengthy songs (plus an intro and outro) sound like boring 2-hour listening experience, one knows the said album doesn't cut the mustard. Those three guys make Gehennah sound like technical wizards, I'll give them that - but nothing else. Hopefully Shitfucker is having autistic good time playing this stuff, or else all is in vain. …

Possession 'His Best Deceit' review

POSSESSION His Best Deceit Invictus Productions
The Belgian scene has never been considered a cult one, sure, yet the last ten years or so could be considered a particular low point in its development, with only Monads being the band worth talking about. Particularly I was quite thrilled reading the following news brought by the nuclear November rain: “The Association For Primitive Metal Art”, led by its honorable mentors Sodom, Destruction and Bathory (versions up until '85, naturlich) gladly welcomes to its ranks the new Belgian craftsmen Possession, wishing them tons of upcoming success”. 
Note the “upcoming” bit though, because as of now there's still much to be desired from the band, no matter how high nostalgia factor might be crammed into those 4 songs for the undying, beer-drinking old schooler: Purposefully mean production, music that's 50/50 thrash and black, cover version of Sepultura's “Necromancer” - all is well, just not exceptionally praiseworthy. That sa…

Incantation 'Mortal Throne Of Nazarene' review

INCANTATION Mortal Throne Of Nazarene Hells Headbangers
Each and every intie I've read with Jon McEntee is characterized by couple of things, namely his undying and unquestionable passion for producing and consuming death fuckin' metal and his devotion to the main band he's playing with, Incantation. Incantation, the beast he had started in 1989 alongside another visionary, Paul Ledney, following both of them abandoning Revenant for the good reason of not being thrilled by the perspective of that band's change to more acceptable, thrashier and technical style. Soon after Ledney splits with Incantation, only to form Profanatica, but that's another chapter for the history books.
Incantation have never been destiny's darlings, and the zillions line-up changes might have done them some disfavour over the years, yet the stubbornness, the hard work and (most importantly) the high quality songs and albums they've released paid off in the long run. It might have take…

Acid Death 'Misled' review

ACID DEATH ‘Misled’ (Free download)
To hell with the cynicism – I’m really glad to report Acid Death is back. Not only that, but the band seems to be doing pretty well these days, having released an album, entitled ‘Eidolon’,  for the Austrian NoiseHead Records in 2012, and now offering ‘Misled’ for free download via their website. Long it might continue!
“Why should I care about the return of Acid Death?” I hear you murmuring. Because they’re such a good band, that’s why. A rare breed of a band too, one of the numerous few which are truly meant to be creating and playing progressive death metal, no matter what the flavor of the month dictates – and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing since the band’s inception in the late 80s. Respect!
Downloading and giving a thorough listen to ‘Misled’ might very well be the perfect starting point if one is tempted to check out if Acid Death’s music could be relevant to his/her tastes. While far too many bands have made fools of themselves re-recordi…

Altars / Heaving Earth 'Split Tape' review

ALTARS / HEAVING EARTH ‘Split Tape’ (Nihilistic Holocaust)
Yes, this is a tape only release, fuckin deal with it. All formats have their pros and cons, and there’s just something about cassettes that makes them commendably underground. What really matters is the music, right? And, musically both bands are here to burn their mark on the listener’s mind.
Out of the two, Altars are certainly the harder nut to be cracked, consumed and digested. In fact, there’s this ghastly, uneasy feel creeping out from these two dismal songs that the more sensitive listener might be tempted to skip listening to them altogether, in order to keep one’s sanity intact. Good luck. The horrific atmosphere, the seamless combination of tempos, the subterranean vocals – Altars is a band that you better keep an eye on. Praise the horror. [8,5 / 10]

Heaving Earth is seriously awesome as well, just in a totally different way than Altars. Complex, stellar guitar riffs and quirky solos, monstrous vocals, punishing rhythms…

Sarcasm 'Crematory' review

SARCASM 'Crematory' (On Parole Productions)

'Crematory', the much loved and talked about in the underground circles, album by Sarcasm has been reissued once again, this time featuring 5 demo bonus tracks to justify the 'Anthology' tag used by the label. Kudos to On Parole for keeping this obscure little gem in print - na zdravje!

Ooooh, never heard of Sarcasm? That's fine, they are hardly a household name nowadays, but pretty much used to be just that for the metalheads in former Yugoslavia in the tail end of the '80s. 'Crematory' was originally released on tape in 1989 and I can boldly say the adolescent charm of these 8 tunes holds up well to this very day. Not a bad achievement for a bunch of high school guys from some small Slovenian town, one has to give them that.

It's been said that metal is predominantly young man's game and 'Crematory' is proof positive of the statement - the energy level is off the scale, and what the tunes …

NunSlaughter / Antiseen Split 7" review

NUNSLAUGHTER / ANTiSEEN Split 7" (Hells Headbangers)
Inevitable just like our beloved civilization's collapse - another split thingy featuring NunSlaughter, ladies and gentleman. With Antiseen on the flip too, in case you've been wondering what would it take for things to become better worse. Two new and exclusive songs per band, available on either traditional black or red / brown wax - Hells Headbangers seldom disappoints.
Alike with NunSlaughter, especially when we're talking 7" vinyl. The format seems to be tailor made to the band's needs, allowing their short, and straight to the point, thrashy and punked up death metal neck-breakers to shine in all of their dirty, religion mocking, glory. Focused, instantly recognizable, aggressive - both "So Vile" and "The Burning Times" are yet another good example that NunSlaughter do have fun. Solid, if not spellbinding. 
Antiseen at first glance might look like a weird pairing but there's method …

Imprecation 'Satanae Tenebris Infinita' review

IMPRECATION 'Satanae Tenebris Infinita' (Dark Descent Records) 
It has long dawned on everyone that sooner or later all bands from the past are bound to return, in one form or another. No prejudices here and no bias, as long as the newly penned tunes deliver there will be enough people paying attention / parting with their hard earned cash. Too bad for you if you are doing it the half-assed way, though - it's a dog eat dog world. Any Carcass member aware of this by chance? Sound chaps, cheers.
Speaking of comebacks, Imprecation certainly have unfinished business to take care of, this being their proper debut full-length album, after spending years in Hell (aka Texas) following the release of the 'Theurgia Goetia Summa' compilation of early demo / EP tracks in 1995 on the up and coming (then!) Repulse Records. Going straight to the core question - yes, 'Satanae Tenebris Infinita' is a great album, and yes - it would mighty help you to enjoy its qualities if y…

Melencolia Estatica 'Hel' review

MELENCOLIA ESTATICA 'Hel' (Temple Of Torturous)
Ambient black metal hailing out of Italy and is the vision of Climaxia (now there is a name, heh), whose vision is Melencolia Estatica, she handles the overall concept, guitar, bass, and “vocal orchestrations”. I guess that last bit means she plans out and coaches the vocalists every move and emanation? Speaking of which the vocals, they are really often more of the dark death metal variety, set to sometimes ambient and other times noisy harsh aggression. Something about the music does not flow for me, maybe that is the way it was intended to be, but often the guitar patterns and tones are just grating rather than atmospheric, the different instrument sounds seem to clash again at times and step upon one another’s toes. For me, rather than finding that harsh and extreme, it just came off grating and annoying, sort of headache inducing. I do not so much mind headache inducing music, as long as the music pays off and is awesome in it’…

Nepente 'Suffering Is The Seed' review

NEPENTE 'Suffering Is The Seed' (Sonic Blast Media)
South America has always had been known for its aggressive, violent metal and Colombia's Nepente carries that tradition on nicely with 'Suffering Is The Seed'. In fact I would say the band raise the brutal bar just a little bit with this album with insanely fast (you have to hear ‘em to believe them) blast beats mixed with chaotic, uncompromising guitar riffs that rarely slow down. The guitars are a little thicker giving them a death metal feel and sound. After listening to the vocalist I'm surprised his vocal chords are not completely destroyed after the recording sessions for this album, as they are some of the most intense, sick shrieks/screams I have heard in quite some time, but there is also a Glen Benton death metal growl mixed in on some of the songs and both vocal styles fit Nepente's uncompromising war metal style nicely.  (Patrick)
Nepente on Facebook Sonic Blast Media

NervoChaos ' To The Death' review

NERVOCHAOS 'To The Death' (Greyhaze Records)
I remember hearing this Brazilian band 2006 release 'Quarrel In Hell' through Ibex Moon Records, but since then I lost track with the band's activities. It's great to see the band has been carrying on and keeping active in the underground scene with releases and looking at their bio, the band has played quite a few shows with some great underground death and black metal acts. 'To The Death' is NervoChaos’ fifth release and is thirteen tracks of pure well played, aggressive death metal. Unrelenting fast drums with some mid-paced passages before the pace is picked back up. The guitar riffs are intense and heavy with some solos thrown in the mix to keep the listeners attention while the musicians pound your eardrums and senses with the heaviness of the music. The vocals are done pretty original sounding with brutal, angry death growls and some gruff/screams. Fans of past NervoChaos releases should enjoy this or if …

Nominon 'The Cleansing' review

NOMINON 'The Cleansing' (Deathgasm Records)
Nominon return with their newest and, possibly, best release to date. 'The Cleansing' consists of ten tracks of crushing old school brutal death metal as only the mighty Swedish can do it. You get heavy guitars that are as complex as they are heavy and fast. The drumming is right on with the guitars playing at chaotic, fast speeds but also manages to pull off some really good patterns. This is another great release for both Nominon and Deathgasm, so if you’re a fan of fast, brutal old school Swedish death metal you know what to do.

Bane 'The Acausal Fire' review

BANE  'The Acausal Fire' (Abyss Records)
Bane is a band I have known about and followed for a few years now, so it's great to see they are on such a respected label like Abyss. For those of you unfamiliar with Bane - the band comes out of Serbia's underground scene and 'The Acausal Fire' is their second CD (the debut 'Chaos, Darkness And Emptiness' was released in 2009). 'The Acausal Fire' is ten tracks of melodic, yet semi brutal and aggressive blackened death metal, the guitars and drums are extremely fast and done to perfection, guitars have the thin black metal sound but also use some nicely done solos not usually heard in this style of metal. The drums are non-stop but played with a lot of precision and well-written patterns that fit perfectly with the rest of the music. The band does some keyboards but before you condemn the band too harshly they know how to meld the keyboards with the rest of the instruments for a fuller sound and the keys a…

Daemonicus 'Deadwork' review

DAEMONICUS 'Deadwork' (Abyss Records)
Dan (owner of Abyss Rec.)definitely has great taste when it comes to signing top quality Swedishblackened death metal. This time he has unleashed Daemonicus upon the underground maniacs.'Deadwork' is the band's second album and easily one of 2012's best death metal releases (We're way beyond the schedule, I know - ED).Uncompromising death metal fast, chaotic guitars, pummelling drums that go from mid- to blasting beats. The vocals are a nice mix of brutal death growls and more raw screams. Daemonicus will definitely impress the die-hard fanatics traditional Swedish death metal. (Patrick) 
Daemonicus on Facebook

Erupted 'In The Grip Of Chaos' review

ERUPTED 'In The Grip Of Chaos' (Abyss Records)
Erupted are a new band that hail from the mighty Swedish underground but before you write them off as just another clone band or wanna-be give them a chance. The band obviously as mentioned is influenced by the early '90s Swerige-gods but I also hear some U.S. influences from the legendary Autopsy and Cianide and similar style bands. You should get the metal picture by now. Erupted don't waste time - they like their metal raw, dirty and straight to the point, with mid-paced guitars and drums. The band are not all clones as they have a lot of good ideas within the music and keep it interesting. After listening to 'In The Grip Of Chaos' it's hard to believe this is the band's debut so I for one am really interested to hear and see where this band goes in the future, but for now everyone who is into old-school Swedish and U.S.-style death metal go to the Abyss Rec. web-store and buy this metal gem now!!!  (Patrick…