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NunSlaughter 'DemoSlaughter' review

NUNSLAUGHTER 'DemoSlaughter' (Hell Headbangers)
Here is a real treat for all of you long-time metal-fanatics brought to you by the U.S. legends of death and one of the U.S. leading pure-metal label Hells Headbangers - NunSlaughter's first 6 demo's and various 7'' tracks. As if this was not enough for a real metal-filled treat included on the double CD or 4 LP box set is demo from Death Sentence (a band some members had pre-NunSlaughter!). Just in case some reading this is new to the scene or if you have never crossed-paths with NunSlaughter, the band has been a major force within the true, DYI death metal underground for 22 years! Yes 22 ,you saw that right. NunSlaughter play death metal the way it was meant to be played - raw,filthy,uncompromising and just plain heavy. This is a band that doesn't follow any trends or worry about what's the flavor of the week, instead just keep pumping out one great metal-release after another. If you are a fan of this ban…

The Royal Arch Blaspheme 'S/T' review

THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME 'The Royal Arch Blaspheme' (Hells Headbangers)
From the deepest and darkest realms of the US black metal scene is The Royal Arch Blaspheme. The band features N.Imperial of the legendary Krieg and Profanatica's main-song writer J. Gelso. The music is pure and raw old-school black metal but instead of the crazy chaotic sound you might expect the band keep it in the more mid-paced and heavy guitar/bass sound. The band's main influence is early 90's European black metal but also has a hint of early death metal in some of the guitar tones and feel. Not the most original band in the world but still a good band worth checking out if you like raw, primitive black metal.
(Patrick) The Royal Arch Blaspheme @ Hells Headbangers

Inquisition 'Omnious Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm' review

INQUISITION 'Omnious Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm' (Hells Headbangers)
I remember hearing a previous release from Inquisition through Hells Headbangers and not being that impressed. Well this is a new day and a new release! The new CD is 10 songs of dark,complex black metal. There are moments of fast,intense black metal with some very unique musical ideas. The vocals definitely stand out for me as they are mid-era Immortal with some deeper vocal patterns in some parts. The music the band creates is extremely fast and intense but also slows down from time to time as to keep the listeners attention and doesn't get boring in the least. If the band keeps on this musical path they are on I see big things for Inquisition in 2011 and beyond!!! A must hear/have for fans of dark unique black metal!! Inquisition MySpace (Patrick)

W.A.I.L. 'S/T' review

W.A.I.L. 'W.A.I.L.' (Ahdistuksen Aihio)
Finland's W.A.I.L. (which stands for Wisdom Through Agony Into Illumination And Lunacy) have released a brilliant debut! 5 tracks of crushing death/doom metal, the band seems to draw a lot of inspiration from early death/doom gods such as Mournful Congregation, Thergothon, Disembowlment etc. The band is not all depressive and bleak music as the members of W.A.I.L have some dark atmosphere intertwined within the crushing dread and there are even some experimental music/sounds throughout some of the the long,epic songs. This is definitely a band that has found a musical formula that works for them and also the added influence helps the band stand out from the endless sea of death/doom bands. This is a must hear for all fans of crushing doom with some originality. (Patrick) W.A.I.L. @ A.A. Productions site

Fester 'Winter Of Sin' review

FESTER 'Winter Of Sin' (Abyss Records)
'Winter Of Sin' was originally released in 1992 but thanks to the US label Abyss Records it is now being re-released so both old and new black/death metal fans can bask in the greatness that is Fester! Fester comes out of the legendary Norwegian underground and lets face it back in the early 1990's no other country came close to releasing great black metal like Norway. Fester was definitely ahead of their time and went against the norm (remember this was originally in 93 before black/death was blended together by so many), instead of the raw,primitive style that Norway was known for Fester played fast black metal but their guitar riffs/chords were a little thicker and even had a few solo's intertwined the riffs to give them a death metalish feel and sound. Fester even went a little further to make 'Winter Of Sin' a "classic" within the black metal scene by adding some avantgarde and melodic interludes to the…

Crucified Mortals 'Crucified Mortals' review

CRUCIFIED MORTALS 'Crucified Mortals' (Hells Headbangers)
Old-school death/thrash lives and it has never sounded better or more fierce. Ohio's Crucified Mortals have nice catalog of back demo's and splits. But now they have unleashed their full-length debut with eleven tracks of early 80's aggressive thrash guitar oriented music mixed with some early 90's US style death metal,this is a perfect blend of uncompromising,unrelenting death/thrash. Guitars are played with a lot of chaotic violent riffs and pure metal solo's but also within the chaos the band showcases some well-written and even complex structures. The vocals are gruff growls, the production is pure-perfection - it is not extremely raw/thin sounding like so many from the 80's were but is also not over-produced and weak like so many of today's bands. It fits the band chaotic sound very well giving the listener the chance to hear every guitar note,thunderous drum or horrific growl. Crucified M…

Entrenched 'Preemptive Strike' review

ENTRENCHED 'Preemptive Strike' (HPGD Productions)
New Jersey's Entrenched have launched their debut CD 'Preemptive Strike' upon the underground, but listening to the CD it is hard to believe this is a "debut". The band play a mix of brutal old school death metal with a huge influence of violent war/thrash metal intertwined within the violent speeding guitars and machine gun like drum patterns. The vocals are shared by the duo and fit perfectly with a more deeper,angry growl,grunt and intense shrieks of hate, while the band takes no prisoners and refuses to compromise it's sound. Entrenched have a lot of good musical ideas and even some catchy memorable guitar patterns throughout. If you enjoy straight forward death/thrash with a touch of war metal insanity then Entrenched is a band you must hear!
(Patrick) Entrenched MySpace

Desolate Shrine 'Tenebrous Towers' review

DESOLATE SHRINE 'Tenebrous Towers' (Hammer Of Hate)

Listening to 'Tenebrous Towers' it's hard to believe this is Desolate Shrine's debut CD. The music created by Desolate Shrine is brutal,heavy blackened death metal at it's finest. Everything flows together nicely from the brutal heavy guitars,the outbursts of insane drum beats, the music while brutal and uncompromising has a dark aura within the brutality to keep the listeners attention. The vocals are a dual mix of heavy deep growls and demonic screams. Fans of uncompromising death/black metal will worship Desolate Shrine. (Patrick) Desolate Shrine Bandcamp

Uvikra 'Patterns Of Life' reviews

UVIKRA 'Patterns Of Life' (Self-released)
'Patterns Of Life' is the new EP from Uvikra. For those who haven't heard of Uvikra this is a one-man band from Lithuania. The music created by Loikav (all instruments, vocals) is semi-brutal mid-paced death metal with touches of black metal. The production is raw and primitive which reminds of the early days of black/death when demo's where released on cassette and had the dirty, raw sound quality. If you enjoy old-school brutal blackened death then Uvikra is a band you will want to hear!! As for me I am hoping the next release will be a full-length. Uvikra Bandcamp (Patrick)

Trilion Red 'Two Tongues' review

TRILLION RED 'Two Tongues' (Self-release)
Trillion Red are a two piece from the US and the members have created a very original and dark music style. There are influences from the heavy crushing doom riffs,but then the band also does have an aggressive side speeding up the guitars a bit to a heavy metal/thrash feel with a lot of progressive riffs and solo's intertwined within the duo's madness. Also within the music is some experimental ambient soundscapes that keep the listener guessing throughout the songs on this EP. This is a band that is not only hard but impossible to put into a certain genre (which i believe is the way they like it) so I will say this probably won't appeal to everyone, but i would highly recommend 'Two Tongues' to anyone who enjoys dark,extreme music with a lot of variety. Full EP stream Trillion Red (Patrick)

Ruins 'Chambers Of Perversion' review

RUINS 'Chambers Of Perversion' (Negative Existence)
Not to be confused with Australia's Ruins. This is a one-man band from Germany. Ruins plays a great mix of old-school speed metal and early Venom style black metal. Thrashy fast guitars,mid-paced drums that switch over to hyper speed before calming back to a more mid-pace sound. The vocals are gruff screams. Ruins are not creating anything new on 'Chambers Of Perversion' but the songs on this release are played with a lot of metal-aggression and passion for this style. If you enjoy old-school blackened speed-metal then definitely check out 'Chambers Of Perversion'. (Suitably dirty looking artwork,ha-ha - ED) Ruins MySpace (Patrick)

Ravencult 'Morbid Blood' review

RAVENCULT 'Morbid Blood' (Hells Headbangers)
Ravencult wastes no time going straight for the attack with their brand of barbaric blackened thrash whirlwind guitars intertwined with a barrage of non-stop drumming. The band does slow down throughout a few of the songs to give both the band and listener a chance to catch their breath before attacking again with a barrage of brutal riffs and beats. If you miss the sound of the early days of black metal when the bands kept their sound simplistic yet effective and evil then Ravencult is a band that should impress all old-school maniacs.
(Patrick) Ravencult

Old Wainds 'Where The Snows Are Never Gone' review

OLD WAINDS 'Where The Snows Are Never Gone' (Negative Existence)
Russia's Old Wainds are a band that has been flying under the black metal radar for a few years now. I have heard the bands previous release and instantly became a 'fan' of the bands early 90's cold Norse style and structures. Well the warrior's over at Negative Existence must have become a fan of this bands darkened brilliance as they have re-released the 1997 classic 'Where The Snows Are Never Gone'. 8 tracks of cold, Norse inspired blackness. The music is grim,cold and fierce just the way black metal should sound. The vocals remind me a little of early Immortal and fit perfectly with the razor-sharp guitar riffs and blazing drums. Fans of early 90's Norwegian style black metal will love Old Wainds!! (Patrick)  Old Wainds MySpace (non-official)

Flame 'March Into Firelands' review

FLAME 'March Into Firelands'
(Hells Headbangers)
'March Into Firelands' marks the return of Finland's Flame. After a six year hiatus 'March Into Firelands' is 8 tracks of violent blackened thrash metal. The guitars are fast and well executed. The drums are intense and well precise considering the speed and intensity. Flame has crafted and released one of the best old-school blackened thrash releases to be heard in quite sometime if you enjoy old-school blackened thrash with a lot of heart and dedication to keeping the old-school spirit alive then Flame's 'March Into Firelands' is a CD you must hear!!
Flame MySpace (Patrick)

Cultes des Ghoules 'Haxan' review

CULTES DES GHOULES 'Haxan' (Hells Headbangers)
This Polish horde is somewhat of a mystery as very little is known about the members. Well 'Haxan' is the bands "debut" originally released in 2008. Hells Headbangers has decided to re-release for the maniacs who might have missed it the first time around. The best way to describe Cultes des Ghoules sound would be filthy, raw old-school death metal with touches of black metal within the thin/raw guitar riffs and screechy style vocals. Cultes des Ghoules is definitely not a band for everyone but if you enjoy the older bands like Varathron or early Mortuary Drape then this should give you some idea on the great style the band has continued to carry on within their sound. (Patrick)

'Born to be a metalhead!' (Interview with Maria, vocalist for Rampart)

RAMPART, the joy and pride of Bulgarian heavy metal, receive the honour of being the first band presented with an interview in Dead Void Dreams. After a successful demo released in 2008 the band signed to the French label Inferno Records , who released their debut CD 'Voice Of The Wilderness' in 2009. Now RAMPART is ready to strike again with a new EP, entitled 'A Tale To Cold', which serves as a teaser for the their second album, introducing the band's new line-up.Asen Asevovwas highly enthusiastic providing the questions, Rampart's vocalist Maria Doychinovawas truly generous delivering her insightful answers. Me? I grabbed a beer and enjoyed the conversation. Follow along...HORNS UP! 

Greetings, Maria! Rampart has a new EP coming out soon, congratulations for it! As we see this is a new beginning for the band, would you introduce your new band-mates?

Thanks! I have always believed that the heavy metal is a road ahead. When you play metal you often need a new be…

Wreck Of The Hesperus 'Lights Rotting Out' review

WRECK OF THE HESPERUS 'Light Rotting Out' (Aesthetic Death)
'Filthy' seem to be the most common compliment/complaint I've seen attached to this band's offerings. Their Neanderthal-ugly, atrociously grim, off-putting to the sane and the happy, catharsis truly goes off the limits of what's normally accepted as mere songs and albums. Instead of sitting on the fence wondering whether they're either doom or sludge or whatever style, the Irish band goes well beyond those tags by bulldozing the listener's consciousness under a gigantic pile of horrifying, ghastly, mud 'n excrement drenched, cacophony. Understandably, not many would find such torturing nightmare pleasing or attracting, but Wreck Of The Hesperus do have a style that sets them apart, albeit one most reminiscent of decaying mass of bubonic plague victims, oozing and decomposing for months. Oh, the romance of living and dying... Those three compositions (40 minute) would suck your dry of any p…

Cianide 'Gods Of Death' review

CIANIDE 'Gods Of Death' (Hells Headbangers)
For those who prefer their metal keeping its direct link and inspiration all the way to the glory '80s, Cianide is one of the most obvious answers. Man, these stubborn Ill-Noize bastards are the equivalent of the fuckin Berlin Wall when it comes to death metal, as you damn well know where you stand in all the sub-genre madness if you're digging Cianide and their aural assault. Their sixth full length would hardly lift them to godlike status among the passers-by element in the scene, and this hardly matters really, but for the old school brigade 'Gods Of Death' most definitely will be yet another pleasant headbanging time, with gallons of one's beer of choice flowing accordingly. Cianide has proven for well over 20 years they're masters of all tempos and this remains true here, from the speed-fests of 'Desecration Storm', 'Idolator' and 'Contained And Controlled' to the crushing low 'n …

Dead Void Dreams - July 2011, Vol.II

While everyone is busy spreading their time on various Summer activities, the work simply never stops here at the Dead Void Dreams HQ. Yes, I'm a few days behind the update schedule I had promised to both myself and the world, but here's one MASSIVE update now. Plus, while everyone is looking in the other direction I'll do my best to clear the backlog...which means that new reviews will be posted as soon as I have them written/translated. Hopefully by mid August all reviews I owe will be posted.
The main news, however, is the addition of two great and supportive chaps to our team - Justin Hulford and Dale Roy. More info about Justin can be found on his site OnTheRail Promotions. Dale Roy should be known name for all those old timers out here, this is the same guy that runs Canadian Assault zine and co-runs Autopsy Kitchen Records. Fuck yeah! Welcome on board, mates!
In fact, this entire update is comprised of reviews that Dale has already posted on Canadian Assau…

Minotaur 'Power Of Darkness' review

MINOTAUR 'Power Of Darkness' (I Hate Records)

This is a re-issue of this classic German thrash bands debut album. The album itself was recorded as a demo in 1987 and then one year later was a repackaged as their first album with three new tracks added. This new version seems to have the demo tracks plus four new songs recorded in 2009. Anyway 'Power of Darkness' is done in the traditional old school German thrash way, it is extremely fast and ripping. The music is sure to remind you of old Kreator and the vocals do the same as the singer sounds very close to Mille. Yes it is may not sound too original even for the time it came out. But I can tell you it is great and Minotaur created their own feeling and atmosphere, picking up the gauntlet of their heroes and immediately charging into battle. The freshly recorded tracks sound a touch different, but still great and show the band know how to play raging thrash. As you have come to expect with I Hate Records everything is d…

Profanatica 'Disgusting Blasphemies Against God' review

PROFANATICA 'Disgusting Blasphemies Against God' (Hells Headbangers)

This review in some ways, for me at least is a foregone conclusion, as I am a pretty die hard devotee going way back. In fact, it brings back some feelings of nostalgia when thinking about ordering a cassette copy of 'Weeping in Heaven' with the live bonus tracks, back in 1992. What an amazing release that was, it was just so sick, so evil and drenched in black semen. 'Weeping...' is still one of my all time favourite releases to this day. So here we are almost 20 years later! Holy shit I am old and so are these disgusting bastards. Surely anyone reading this who has been in the UG scene for any length of time already knows Profanatica and has a release by them. Well let me tell you twenty years later nothing has changed, they still sound more or less the same, and I am still loving it. It is amazing after all these years that Paul and his minions keep going and have not lost that sickness and s…

Prosanctus Inferi 'Pandemonic Ululations Of Vesperic Palpatation' review

PROSANCTUS INFERI 'Pandemonic Ululations Of Vesperic Palpatation' (Hells Headbangers)

Well that album title is a mouthful. I bet they were patting themselves on the back when they came up with it. From what I am just now reading apparently this is a one man band from a guy that plays in Black Funeral (I remember ordering their demo back in '94, I did not realize they were still active though). My initial reaction on the first few tracks was some of this reminds me of Profanatica. Sure enough the bio says the band are moving away from their past Profanatica worship. I wondered if I just thought I was hearing that since I had just finished reviewing the new Profanatica record. Prosanctus Inferi definitely have that sound, but more of a traditional death metal tone underneath the black blood affinity. I think I hear a little early Morbid Angel influence going on in the metal storm as well. It is a fairly monotone, one speed full ahead type of affair, not that that is a bad t…

Withering Soul 'No Closure' review

WITHERING SOUL 'No Closure' (Mortal Music)
I read a review online of this album. I could not agree more with the opening of that review. It is stated that melodic death/black metal bands from Scandinavia and Europe in general are a dime a dozen. The difference here is Withering Soul hail from the States and they do have a touch of an American sound. But for the most part they sound like every other boring band from overseas. I guess I am just not and never really have been the biggest melodic death fan. I like a few of the excellent original bands. But after that I really lost interest in the scene and it all sounds so interchangeable to mine ears. Something that makes it even worse for me is Withering Soul like to absolutely drown this sound / style in heavy keyboards, only compounding my apathy towards 'No Closure'. I think my (only) favourite part of this album is the killer guitar solo / fill on the song 'Possession of Deception'. A little sad if that is …