Fester 'Winter Of Sin' review

'Winter Of Sin'
(Abyss Records)

'Winter Of Sin' was originally released in 1992 but thanks to the US label Abyss Records it is now being re-released so both old and new black/death metal fans can bask in the greatness that is Fester! Fester comes out of the legendary Norwegian underground and lets face it back in the early 1990's no other country came close to releasing great black metal like Norway. Fester was definitely ahead of their time and went against the norm (remember this was originally in 93 before black/death was blended together by so many), instead of the raw,primitive style that Norway was known for Fester played fast black metal but their guitar riffs/chords were a little thicker and even had a few solo's intertwined the riffs to give them a death metalish feel and sound. Fester even went a little further to make 'Winter Of Sin' a "classic" within the black metal scene by adding some avantgarde and melodic interludes to their already gloomy and grim sound. Even today in 2011 Fester's 'Winter Of Sin' still stands out a great and original masterpiece. Definitely get this if you like original and dark black metal.


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