Dead Void Dreams - July 2011, Vol.II


While everyone is busy spreading their time on various Summer activities, the work simply never stops here at the Dead Void Dreams HQ. Yes, I'm a few days behind the update schedule I had promised to both myself and the world, but here's one MASSIVE update now. Plus, while everyone is looking in the other direction I'll do my best to clear the backlog...which means that new reviews will be posted as soon as I have them written/translated. Hopefully by mid August all reviews I owe will be posted.

The main news, however, is the addition of two great and supportive chaps to our team - Justin Hulford and Dale Roy. More info about Justin can be found on his site OnTheRail Promotions. Dale Roy should be known name for all those old timers out here, this is the same guy that runs Canadian Assault zine and co-runs Autopsy Kitchen Records. Fuck yeah! Welcome on board, mates!

In fact, this entire update is comprised of reviews that Dale has already posted on Canadian Assault. I'm really behind with my writings and I really appreciate that he's been generous to let me use these for my zine. Otherwise only Devil knows at which point of time I would have been able to cover those releases...

Everyone – don't hesitate to get in touch. Feedback is welcome, as usual. We need more staff writers, don't be shy!

Vladimir Petrov


  1. You bet I will - can't really imagine how I've survived all these years without writing and supporting the scene. I don't feel like this usually, but I'm pretty optimistic about this project. Next stop: getting my own domain and hosting, plus professional design :)


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