Cianide 'Gods Of Death' review

'Gods Of Death'
(Hells Headbangers)

For those who prefer their metal keeping its direct link and inspiration all the way to the glory '80s, Cianide is one of the most obvious answers. Man, these stubborn Ill-Noize bastards are the equivalent of the fuckin Berlin Wall when it comes to death metal, as you damn well know where you stand in all the sub-genre madness if you're digging Cianide and their aural assault. Their sixth full length would hardly lift them to godlike status among the passers-by element in the scene, and this hardly matters really, but for the old school brigade 'Gods Of Death' most definitely will be yet another pleasant headbanging time, with gallons of one's beer of choice flowing accordingly. Cianide has proven for well over 20 years they're masters of all tempos and this remains true here, from the speed-fests of 'Desecration Storm', 'Idolator' and 'Contained And Controlled' to the crushing low 'n slow power of songs like 'Dead And Rotting' and 'The One True Death'. The stuff is infectiously catchy, the band knows the importance of massive riffs and use that to great effect, with the rhythm section heavy, rumbling, feeling kept intact. Hells Headbangers are also releasing the album on vinyl, and there's no denying this to be the perfect medium for 'Gods Of Death' considering the vintage sounding production job given to it. This, in my opinion, is an album worth owning. 'Metal never bends', as the band have said themselves... [9]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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