Wreck Of The Hesperus 'Lights Rotting Out' review

'Light Rotting Out'
(Aesthetic Death)
'Filthy' seem to be the most common compliment/complaint I've seen attached to this band's offerings. Their Neanderthal-ugly, atrociously grim, off-putting to the sane and the happy, catharsis truly goes off the limits of what's normally accepted as mere songs and albums. Instead of sitting on the fence wondering whether they're either doom or sludge or whatever style, the Irish band goes well beyond those tags by bulldozing the listener's consciousness under a gigantic pile of horrifying, ghastly, mud 'n excrement drenched, cacophony. Understandably, not many would find such torturing nightmare pleasing or attracting, but Wreck Of The Hesperus do have a style that sets them apart, albeit one most reminiscent of decaying mass of bubonic plague victims, oozing and decomposing for months. Oh, the romance of living and dying... Those three compositions (40 minute) would suck your dry of any positivity left, complete with bone-gnawing guitars, gnarly vocals, and gargantuan drumming and bass lines. To top it off, Albert Witchfinder has added some guest vocals here, and the packaging is suitably, ahem, filthy looking. 'People rot apart/Born cold as graves/We rot away/From each other'... [8,5]
 (Vladimir Petrov)


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