Minotaur 'Power Of Darkness' review

'Power Of Darkness'
(I Hate Records)

This is a re-issue of this classic German thrash bands debut album. The album itself was recorded as a demo in 1987 and then one year later was a repackaged as their first album with three new tracks added. This new version seems to have the demo tracks plus four new songs recorded in 2009. Anyway 'Power of Darkness' is done in the traditional old school German thrash way, it is extremely fast and ripping. The music is sure to remind you of old Kreator and the vocals do the same as the singer sounds very close to Mille. Yes it is may not sound too original even for the time it came out. But I can tell you it is great and Minotaur created their own feeling and atmosphere, picking up the gauntlet of their heroes and immediately charging into battle. The freshly recorded tracks sound a touch different, but still great and show the band know how to play raging thrash. As you have come to expect with I Hate Records everything is done the right way fully draped in dedication and worship to the foundations of metal we all love. 
 (Dale Roy)


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