Old Wainds 'Where The Snows Are Never Gone' review

'Where The Snows Are Never Gone'
(Negative Existence)

Russia's Old Wainds are a band that has been flying under the black metal radar for a few years now. I have heard the bands previous release and instantly became a 'fan' of the bands early 90's cold Norse style and structures. Well the warrior's over at Negative Existence must have become a fan of this bands darkened brilliance as they have re-released the 1997 classic 'Where The Snows Are Never Gone'. 8 tracks of cold, Norse inspired blackness. The music is grim,cold and fierce just the way black metal should sound. The vocals remind me a little of early Immortal and fit perfectly with the razor-sharp guitar riffs and blazing drums. Fans of early 90's Norwegian style black metal will love Old Wainds!!


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