Entrenched 'Preemptive Strike' review

'Preemptive Strike'
(HPGD Productions)

New Jersey's Entrenched have launched their debut CD 'Preemptive Strike' upon the underground, but listening to the CD it is hard to believe this is a "debut". The band play a mix of brutal old school death metal with a huge influence of violent war/thrash metal intertwined within the violent speeding guitars and machine gun like drum patterns. The vocals are shared by the duo and fit perfectly with a more deeper,angry growl,grunt and intense shrieks of hate, while the band takes no prisoners and refuses to compromise it's sound. Entrenched have a lot of good musical ideas and even some catchy memorable guitar patterns throughout. If you enjoy straight forward death/thrash with a touch of war metal insanity then Entrenched is a band you must hear!


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