Thunderblast 'Invaders From another World' review

'Invaders From Another World'
(Pure Steel Records)

Colombian power metal? You better bet it is! And really solid sounding one at that – powerful and uncompromising music, which borrows from the best traditions of both the German and the US scenes. 'Core Domain' is the perfect opener – a real metal anthem – speed and melody combined with harmonic guitar solos and catchy choruses. The rest of the album continues in similar vein, featuring not only fast tracks but some mid-tempo one as well, the latter of which are borderline thrash ('When Zombies Rise'), which is another thing Thunderblast have in common with the heavier specter of the US power metal. The press release compares the band to Iced Earth but in my opinion they sound more akin to German bands such as Rage and Brainstorm, with a tinny little dose of Tankard added. Unlike Rage, however, Thunderblast's music appear to be more all around encompassing and homogeneous, possibly due to the good Helloween-esque melodic solos and twin harmonies provided by the band's guitar players. There's not a single bad song here, and I'll mention just some of the personal faves: 'Core Domain', 'Horror At Outpost 10', 'Invaders From Another World', 'Lab From Hell' and the awesomely blasting 'War Of The Monsters'. Cheers to Pure Steel for giving us the opportunity to listen to this gem, that otherwise might have gone unnoticed by most. Crank up the volume, enjoy and be chill for the future of the real good music. [8,5]
(Asen Asenov)


  1. i have heard war of the monsters, its a true metal anthem, i have heard that for years they only performed that song live... is that true??
    why dont we have more bands like this?

  2. Appreciate the comment,cheers! I feel you might be able to tell us more about the band, this was the first we've heard of them :). Keep an eye on this space, I'm sure we would unearth zillions of great bands...


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