Everwhere 'One By One...Dead' review

'One By One...Dead'

What we have here is a band that fights for its place under the sun, with some demos and two EPs to their credit. This one is the more recent of the pair, self-described as death/thrash by the band. A fitting description, as the music is pure thrash, influenced probably by the early works of Slayer and Forbidden, with some of the vocals they've used applying to the death metal tag. Personally speaking, I find the songs here sounding a bit 'samey' , even though there's a good deal of riffs, melodic solos and tempo variations here. My personal favourite off the five tracks presented was 'And I Burst', hopefully we would hear more of this kind of songs  in future from Everwhere. [7]
(Asen Asenov)


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