Quintessence Mystica 'The Fifth Harmonic Of Death' review

'The Fifth Harmonic Of Death'

Master Alafern (who participates in other Ukrainian bands such as Thundercraft, Svyatogor and Triglav) is the mastermind behind this project, playing all the instruments and supplying additional vocals to those sung by the sole other member here, Dromos Aniliagos. The guys incorporate the violin in their songs, which is rare for the style, unlike the use of keyboards, which are also present being embraced by such bands for quite some time now. Quintessence Mystica play symphonic black metal, taking their main dose of inspiration from various Scandinavian bands, Dimmu Borgir and Emperor appearing to be the most obvious ones. The black metal maelstrom starts right off the bat with the sinister,zealous sounding track 'Vector Space Of Desires', and in the third song, 'Aspects Of Contemplation', we are introduced to the wailing, tragic, sound of the violin that's used for the rest of the album. Three of the songs are all instrumental, allowing some breath before the blasting tempos to kick in again. The vocals vary from hysterical screaming to clean singing, to malicious whisperings and even some death-styled growls, and the band has added some of the Ukrainian language throughout the songs. This album definitely is a wind of fresh air for the stagnating black metal scene we have nowadays. [9,5]
(Asen Asenov)


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