Balfor 'Barbaric Blood' review

'Barbaric Blood'
(Pulverised Records)

One can't deny the quality of the music offered by this Ukrainian band, thus the label's support to them is easily justified. What we have is a band whose vibe does resemble, more or less, that of Immortal, nothing wrong with that as Balfor aren't cheap copycats either – this is strong and powerful black metal as dictated by the legacy of the  Scandinavia's top-tiers . Various other influences can be found as well, for example 'In A Thunder Of Ancient Glory' one is reminded of Emperor's grandeur ('IX Equilibrium' era), while for 'Kingdom's Blood' the tempo is slowed down, giving a scent of doom to the listener. Balfor have the opportunity open to explore their unique path on the albums that lie ahead for them. [7,5]
(Asen Asenov) 


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