Procession 'Destroyers Of The Faith' review

'Destroyers Of The Faith'
(Doomentia Records / High Roller Records)

During the last decade my doom appreciation gene mutated to gigantic proportions, and I've found as the years are passing by I'm becoming a disciple more and more. I mean, Candlemass has always been there for me since my teen days, but I prioritized differently and immersed myself with various other genres, mainly the faster paced ones, but always kept my ears to the ground for some slow and low music as well. This paid off real well as the genre, in its different stylistics, proved to have more long lasting impact than various juvenile pastimes. Procession's traditional take on doom is sound for sore ears, as the music twists and unfolds while lurking in the listener's mind, taking the addiction to dangerously high levels. People who say this is bad aren't listening. Felipe Plaza's guitar riffs set the tone by weaving spells of despair and glimmering hope, which is perfectly matched by his voice and the dynamics provided by the rhythm section. You can easily spot these guys putting their very souls in the music, these strong emotions pouring in their songs can't be faked easily after all. Apparently many other fans hold similar opinions, thus the album is already on its third vinyl press by High Roller complimentary to the CD released by Doomentia out of Czech Republic. Success that, for once, is well deserved and it would be interesting to see what's next for Procession, having in mind that Felipe has relocated to Sweden recently and recruited brand-new members on board. [8,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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