Jex Thoth 'Witness' review

(I Hate Records)

This is my introduction to Jex Thoth. I do think I shall be searching out some releases by the group. I would posit that they will appeal to fans of traditional doom metal and fans of epic heavy metal. What grabs me immediately are the monolithic, ploddingly heavy riffs that set the atmosphere for the fantastic and hypnotic vocals of Jessica Thoth. They draw you in and you quickly lose yourself in their mental tapestry, drawing a superb melancholy range of emotions. You kind of forget about everything else around you and your eyes are closed even when they are open as your mind is off swimming in the ether. For those of you that have experienced this sort of trip, it is magic and there is no slight of hand involved. There are only 3 songs on here so it is only a taste of what is to come. It leaves me wanting more and hoping it comes soon.
(Dale Roy)


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