Rise And Shine 'Empty Hand' review

'Empty Hand'
(I Hate Records)

We are presented with some classic doom metal / rock coming out of the fertile lands of Sweden. I have to admit straight off the start, that upon first listening, vocalist Josabeth Leidi got on my nerves and I did not like her vocals. But I am finding upon each and every successive listen, her vocals are growing on me more and more. They are very unique sounding and really remind me of no other singer. It sort of reminds me many years ago when I first heard Candlemass, I did not like the vocals, but they also grew on me and eventually I grew to love Messiah Marcolin's vocals. I am getting the feeling that Josabeth is beginning to have the same effect on me. As I mentioned her vocals are so different sounding they add a lot of depth and emotion to the music, it is like the lamp in a lighthouse cutting through the veil of darkness leading in all the lost souls at sea. The music itself is great as well, very classic sounding doom and metal with each instrument played from the heart. There are some fantastic guitar fills that help drive the song and just stick in my head. I am truly enjoying this album more than I ever thought I would upon first listen. Maybe that is something I should pass on to potential listeners give it a chance, a few good listens before you make up your mind on this band. I am surprised I have not heard of Rise and Shine before, they have been pumping out demos, eps and albums since 1993! On the other hand, this is their first new recording in some five years, here is to hoping I can gather up some of their back material one day. Until then I highly recommend this to all classic hippie doom rock followers, such as fans of Trouble, Spirit Caravan, Sabbath, Witchcraft...
(Dale Roy) 
(Dale Roy)


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