Horn Of The Rhino 'Grengus' review

(Doomentia Records)

Bilbao is apparently both a city and a jungle, this just dawned on me. The Lions of Athletic Club have become the football (that's soccer, my beloved Americans) hipster's choice after an impressive Europa Cup campaign this year, spanking the useless Man Utd team in the process, among other heroics. I've been rooting for the club since 1984 so spare the thought I've been quick to jump on the bandwagon...but I digress. The Rhino gang ain't no slouches either, running rampant on gamut of influences that may make little sense on paper (Autopsy and Soundgarden, what the fuck?) but once you pop up this in the player it becomes clear they're mean bastards armed with malicious intentions. Not only this is oppressively HEAVY sounding and chock-full of massive mean riffs and pounding, thunderous rhythms but these songs feel like the band getting the kicks whilst throwing heaps of sludgy mud in the listener's direction. Fuck yeah, Horn Of The Rhino seem to be glad they're this kind of misbehaving, super-energetic rock 'n rolling bastards who make their own rules and don't take shit from anyone. Crusty death metal gallops? No problem. Extended doom jams? Right there, Sir. Seattle-based gloominess? Enjoy. While 99 out of 100 bands would make fools of themselves trying to combine such a range of styles and sound even remotely interesting without falling flat on their faces, these Basques do it with ease, a cheerful smirk and class. Hey, Rhinos - free peyote-tripping gig at San Mames any time soon? [8,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)



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