Ab Imo Pectore 'The Dissociative Path' review

'The Dissociative Path'
(Debemur Morti)

By design this is a cassette tape release, limited to 100 copies. Thanks to the wonders of the internet I was given a download link from the label, thus being spared on the task of repairing the old tape deck (something I should have done a year or so ago), or dusting off the tried and trusted walkman, the very one responsible for nights and days and nights again of zillion listens to Sigh's 'Scorn Defeat','Hvis Lyset..', 'Under A Funeral Moon' and all that jazz. Go on - laugh and call me a troglodyte but to an extend I'm pleased the underground metal getting back to its roots, the tape format. So, a demo this is and demos were intended to be a 'snapshot' of the band, raising awareness of their style, sound and future potential. Considering this, Ab Imo Pectore is a band worth of their salt, working with the dizzying textures and atmosphere introduced by the more experimental, 'left-field', black/post-black metal bands the world has already seen its fair share of. At times 'The Dissociative Path' does sound like an uneven clash of influences, demanding the full attention of the listener without awarding much results in the end, yet the good ideas and execution prevailing the bad ones, if only just. They're onto something with these various vocal styles they're using and I did enjoy the quasi-Mysticum vibe of 'Mass Grave Emanations' for example, but there's hard work lying ahead for the Portuguese lot if they're to achieve the fully compelling, hypnotic and trance-like effect they're hinting on via the better parts of the presented songs. [6]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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