Murkrat 'Drudging The Mire' review

'Drudging The Mire'
(Aesthetic Death)

Didn't you know already this ain't gonna be a nice little walk in the park, chit-chatting with your soul mate, eating vanilla ice cream under the azure sky? Hell no, this is on Aesthetic Death so you could make a nice little bet this is going to be on the really fucked up side of fucked up. Ultra slow, ominous sounding and spreading the rotten stench of an abandoned torture chamber, the Australian duo's chosen style is not here to please the fun loving part of you. I would not be surprised if 'Drudging The Mire' doesn't click with some aficionados of the funeral doom genre either, even if that's the style close to home if one absolutely needs to tag Murkrat's bleak musical creature. Mandy's vocals and extensive use of keyboards to compliment the sombre mood bring up some difference to the regular plate, with the former hinting at times of what Lisa Gerrard might have sounded like if involved in a project of such extremely dark nature. Yes, no low grunts to be found here but that's not the only thing that separates Murkrat from fellow crooners, as this also oozes vibes similar to early gothic rock, thanks to the prominent bass guitar tone. Definitely a hard and long listen (72 minutes, ffs!), which should be taken with some extra caution and probably a Red Bull or two, but an interesting one all the same. [7,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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