Black Crucifixion 'The Fallen One Of Flames/Satanic Zeitgeist' review

'The Fallen One Of Flames/Satanic Zeitgeist'
(Soulseller Records)

A day to celebrate here in the Void HQ, as this review marks post number 200 for the zine. I'm not gonna start pouring champagne in a crystal glass and singing karaoke to Abba , no way - this gonna be the genuine article: metal and ice cold beer. Metalheads are universally known for being extra passionate to the music created in their 'formative' years, so this CD release that compiles two separate 1991-ish recordings by the Finnish cult band Black Crucifixion can only be praised by yours truly. Not for purely nostalgic reasons either - one has to acknowledge the band for being on the leading curve of the soon to be exploding (then!) second wave black metal and their connection to Holocausto's Beherit has been well documented. Sandwiched between an intro and outro, the three songs of 'The Fallen..' are a good example of the coming madness - lo-filthy produced, charmingly underdeveloped, filled with crudely cold atmosphere and the famous 'whispering' vocal effect best known from 'Drawing Down The Moon'.''I'm a god now, and the slaves shall serve/Fuck your herd conformity, the noble shall rule", this short excerpt from the lyrics to the mostly excellent cut 'Flowing Downwards' describes the whole mindset of those involved in that particular, and highly influential, scene better than million words. Respect. 'Satanic Zeitgeist', the live portion of the disc, is, quite unsurprisingly, even more viciously raw and morbid sounding, bordering on Impaled Nazarene trademarked chaos in the faster parts of the presented songs. Black Crucifixion have seemingly been wise enough not to fall completely for that trick though, injecting catchy mid-tempo hooks throughout the tracks, as well as an enthusiastic cover version of 'In League With Satan'. Not a must-buy for everyone but a fitting document of an era. Lay down your souls. [7,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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