Horse Latitudes 'Awakening' review

(Doomentia Records)

"What do they put in the water over there in Finland?" is one of the unsolved mysteries of the universe. "Why don't they poison the water in Finland to get rid of guitar 'prodigies' like Tolkki or Laiho?" being the other one, apparently. Those damn six-stringers and their 'look-I'm-so-cool' pointless wankery - screw that and bask in the joys of the primitive, gargantuan, doomier-than-thou intricacies of Horse Latitudes. Their combination of two bass guitarists and a drummer/vocalist proves to be a slow and low dirgefest of agony, horror and empty-glazed despair. Listening to this might be kind of a demanding task, agreed, but once the attention is rightly adjusted to the crawling pace and the unusual approach there's no denying to the ability of the band in creating eerie atmosphere through such minimalistic means. Those who might write this off as boring and anti-climaxing - take a nice stroll and pick up those damn schrooms, that should help. If you fail again then I'm afraid you're doomed to live an eternity of Korpiklaani jigs and 'metal' brodudery. How I envy you. [7,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)



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