Celtachor 'In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers' review

'In The Halls Of Our Ancient Fathers'

Everything about this band gives away their intention to pay homage to the Celtic myths and history, just take a glance over the band's name and that cover art, this is as straightforward as it gets. No complains, Ireland has been really instrumental to raise awareness to the pagan metal genre, with bands such as Cruachan and Waylander leading the charge in the said style, achieving critical praise in the process. Both of those might need to watch over their shoulders for the competition, as Celtachor are boldly making their claims known with these songs. Yes, 'In The Halls...' has been given a rather rough production that damages the impact to some extend but that is to be expected from a demo and can be easily taken care of on future recordings. What's best about the band, however, is that they've been able to resist the much despised 'folk metal' syndrome, tin whistles or not, and have given the songs 'a fist in the air' (mid-tempo Bathory, anyone?) quality and that unmistakable vibe of genuinely aggressive metal, dissimilar to the one that gets clueless youngsters starting to wave plastic swords and check each other's butts in smelly tents. Yup, no love for the uber-corny folk metal here but plenty of respect for the pagan one of Celtachor. Bearing in mind that this is almost two years old by now, I'm sure the band has further honed their craft and I for one am looking forward to the next offering. [6,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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