Throneum 'Death Throne Entities' review

'Death Throne Entities'
(Pagan Records)

Extremely crude, nasty and compromise-free, the Polish death metal throwbacks are at your throat again. Based on the fact that this is already band's sixth full-length (plus myriad of all kinds of splits and EPs) one might be tempted to think that Throneum have had somehow lost the urge to blaspheme, maim and mutilate. No chance, amigo. No fukkin chance. Off-putting and gross to those who like it slick and marketable, 'Death Throne Entities' is a raw sounding orgy of filth and mayhem, just what the doctor ordered. Disorienting savagery in full effect that could cast the most iron stomachs heave. Lovely. Stay clear if you fancy your breakdowns and false productions, for this is made for those who are not after the flavour of the month. Divisive? Yes. And that's how it's ought to be. [8]
(Vladimir Petrov)
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