Nocturnal Fear 'Excessive Cruelty' review

'Excessive Cruelty'

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Moribund Recs. pretty much since I started working on zines some years ago and I have always respected how they release quality bands over what the trend of the week is. NOCTURNAL FEAR are no different - instead of the black metal assault that Moribund is legendary for releasing, this time the label has unleashed these thrashing, war maniacs to annihilate the listeners. From the first note to the last drum beat NOCTURNAL FEAR never loosens its attack as it rages through 9 tracks of pure thrash/death/war insanity. Loud, fast thrashing guitars that has it all - great solos, complex riffs without loosing any of the bands intenisty. The drums are impressive as they are fast, violent but they are also complex with a few breaks before the band starts to pummel your senses with a new barrage of raging thrash/war metal. This band is worth checking out.


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