Iweriu 'Demo' review


Don't you just love the modesty of Iweriu naming this simply 'Demo' and offering free / pay what you want download for it? I surely do. Info on band members is scarce at best but rumour has it the band is comprised of veteran metal / noise mongers hailing from Cork, Ireland, and such down to earth, no-nonsense presentation probably should be expected. Let the younger blood salivate over their debuts by giving them grandiose descriptions, questionable price tags and all, you know what I mean? Not that the music of Iweriu has a throwback retro vibe to it or something - quite the opposite, in fact. I'm probably at loss nailing down the style of these 3 long songs (not a single one below the 10 minute mark), but there's a lot of 'post'-something going on in them. Slow and torturing in a sludge/drone kind of way, a dash of Godflesh-like crushing heaviness, monotonous, black metal inspired riffing, abrasive vocals and lots of effects / noises - yeah, that's some kind of mindfuck, alright, but for some sick reason this works well for the band and I can respect Iweriu's intention pushing it to the limits of what is tolerable. At times I do feel nonplussed by the added noise effects, thinking those been overdone a bit and some of the riffs might go for way too long, yet 'Demo' is a fine enough debut. Go on and give it a try on Bandcamp, could be your cup of mud. [7]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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